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Quoted @ClassicMovieHub

The Witch, The Scarecrow and The Tin Man... Margaret Hamilton, Ray Bolger & Jack Haley...


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Quoted @Joshstrangehill

🎶 California dreamin'
On such a winter's day 🎶

Literally laughed out loud at this

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It's such perfect timing - we hear the Steele story is true the same weekend that toiletgate trends 😂 @colbertlateshow #LSSC

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Kushner 😂😂 He's a punch line that @StephenAtHome always makes funnier. Thanks @colbertlateshow!! 😘🍸 #LSSC

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On #LSSC tonight: The impeachment hearings have been derailed.

Yes!! Starting now 😀 #LSSC

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Quoted @BooslerS

"I've never had a thought like that in my life"
"We rescue ALL animals, though dogs need us the most. But we rescue cats, bunnies, rats, snakes, small exotics, eleflumps, bears, big cats, wildlife, sea life, primates..."-@ElayneBoosler


😂 Laugh & save lives ♥️♥️
Remember, #TailsOfJoy can be named as your Amazon Smile charity now too!! ♥️♥️🐾🐾🐕🐈♥️
For the holidays & every day #AdoptDontShop

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Laurence Fishburne really does have one of the world's greatest voices, nice to see him have a laugh too on tonight's #Conan #TeamCoco

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LOL, this reminds me a little of the old NBC satellite channels 😂
BTW, I might leave on the Seinfeld exterior shots show myself. @TeamCoco #TeamCoco #Conan

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In advance, huge thanks to @teamcoco & @colbertlateshow for being on tonight. Thanks for any night you are on actually. But y'all are more necessary than usual tonight & it's a joy to laugh with the best people, you know? Everyone @ #LSSC & #TeamCoco - you're the best ♥️♥️

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So happy to see #Lodge49 on the list ♥️♥️ #SaveLodge49 #Lodge49
#lodge49forever #LynxForLife ♥️🍋🍩☕🌊🦈🍺

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Tim Finn's "Couldn't Be Done", getting much play here lately.
It's about accomplishing something that seems impossible to others, but bc it never occurred to you or your friends, you got it done anyway.
Seems perfect for #Lodge49 too ♥️ #SaveLodge49

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@NaturesEverglow @Lodge49 Join the fight this Friday to help #SaveLodge49 Details here:

Join us Friday!! 😀♥️🍋☕🌊🦈🍺 #SaveLodge49 #lodge49forever #LynxForLife

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One of the best things about #Lodge49 is that it gives us #LynxForLife hope. Hope in the beauty of life, the gift of friendship & understanding as we find our way.
It's a rare piece of art brings many people together in such a positive way. With persistence, we will #SaveLodge49

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Happy coffee break!! Enjoy & #SaveLodge49 #Lodge49 #lodge49forever #LynxForLife ♥️🍋🍩☕🌊🦈🍺

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It's going to get real interesting in DC when they get around to Westminster. Lots of neat stuff to see, people from around the world at the bank.

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I don't mean to complain, but this year has taken at least 5 off my life. We gotta deal w/this while paying you know who. Who started my seizures, took a week of my life & so much $, Imagination Christmas.

Huge thanks to all who make this bearable. You're truly special ♥️♥️

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Now the kitchen sink has sprung a leak. Water seeping out from the floor because of it, a mess, a nasty mess. Week ago a major pipe busted in the boiler room too.
Every other month, major damage.
This administration definitely knows about shitholes. They profit from them.

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Quoted @NBCNews

A $120,000 work of art consisting of a banana duct-taped to a wall was ripped from its perch and eaten by a performance artist Saturday afternoon.

Every single person in this story is a spoiled goddamn moron that doesn't deserve $12, let alone $120,000.

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Hopefully @hulu @PrimeVideo @netflix @hbomax @disneyplus will get why #SaveLodge49 is necessary. This show has literally changed my life. As I have been recovering from recent health concerns, Lodge 49 is literally giving me so much life. You don’t watch #Lodge49, you

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