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CEO / Creative Director @cloudheadgames (PistolWhip, Aperture Hand Lab, Call of the Starseed, Heart of the Emberstone), fake hippie, wearer of hats.


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Anyone suffer from tinnitus? Hot tips? When it gets bad I'm thrown into anxiety. The human body SUCKS! Bad design.

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With a $10,000 prize pool and an epic finale in Salt Lake City, @valvr_esports is kicking off our Pistol Whip tournament season in a major way!

Sign up now at and join the tournament from @springboard_VR arcades or at home starting March 14. #VR #esports

I never thought I would say this but you can win $10,000 playing PistolWhip! @SplitverseVR did an amazing job on this trailer! Big thanks to @valvr_esports @oculus @iBUYPOWER @springboard_VR @VRespawn @LIV for making this insanity happen!!!

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Holy shoot we just won Immersive Reality Game of the Year at #DICE2020!

Well that was a shocker. Proud to be a part of VR's continued push into the mainstream. Big thanks to #DICEAwards , to the judges, to our peers, the hard working crew at Cloudhead, and our friends @oculus @valvesoftware @htcvive for your belief and support over the last 6 years!

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Replying to @RtoVR: 2019 Was a Major Inflection Point for VR—Here's the Proof @tipatat

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Replying to @thermyy: Heading to the #DICE2020 Awards! @PistolWhipVR is a finalist for both Immersive Reality Game of the Year, and Immersive Realit…

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Heading to the #DICE2020 Awards! @PistolWhipVR is a finalist for both Immersive Reality Game of the Year, and Immersive Reality Technical Achievement! #VR

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2019 Was a Major Inflection Point for VR—Here's the Proof @tipatat

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Anyone down for The Void in Vegas during DICE? I really want to check it out!

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PSA: Our recent Akuma update on PistolWhip fixes a couple squirrely issues for certain users:

* Fixed double vision rendering issue for AMD GPU
* Fixed one-eye only rendering issue (including Windows 7)

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And outside of this building...dammit! Institution? No thats gross. The people that work at and have worked at Cloudhead Games remote and otherwise! lol.

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oops..thats #5 and

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SteamVR is going to have a massive year. Before things really kick off, let's list off the 25 best games you can play today

Crazy to see three of our games on this "25 Best" list ( #3 & #10). A once in a lifetime 7-year journey, full of necessity driven innovation, ups-and-downs and intensely hard work. VR requires special tenacity & its been an honor sharing it with the people in this building ♥️

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Pistol Whip. Scene 12.

Track: Akuma
Artist: @hvdesmusic
Label: @KannibalenRecs

New scene launches FREE on February 6, 10am PT.

Akuma update coming this Thursday. SUPER fun scene and a crushing more bugs!

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Idea: Game developers pool their money, buy secluded island, establish infrastructure (try to keep scope reasonable people!) and live completely isolated from society, with the exception of game releases. No other outside contact permitted!

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PSA: The "thumbs down" review option on Steam isn't for "needs more songs but I absolutely loved it!". That's not how this works. Then again, to be fair, Valve should really consider star ratings for a more useable (and less punishing) way to gauge consumer pain-points.

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Have we crossed a threshold in Virtual Reality where the base is sophisticated enough to "handle it?". I think its a bit of A and a bit of B, depends on the market you're shooting for.

Lots to consider.

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Granted it was pretty primitive at the time (it was 2013 after all with 3DOF DK1 and Razer Hydra for hand tracking) but we did prototype much deeper systems in 2014-15 that were much closer to what you're starting to see now. Still got yanked because of onboarding concerns...

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The Gallery: Six Elements - Exploration School from back in 2013. Playing Boneworks I can’t help but get flashbacks to this demo. I wonder if ⁦@StressLevelZero⁩ played it back in the day and if it had any influence on their design.

So many conflicting emotions about what we left on the cutting room floor circa 2013. In service to "onboarding concerns" & comfort. Body persistence, climbing, deeper physics interactions. Most of it cut in Call of the Starseed. If we kept that stuff in, how would it fare today?

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I guess I feel that although these things may eventually share a hardware platform, they each deserve completely seperate focus. I'd much prefer VR and AR had their own conferences and seperation. They are THAT different.

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Ok terminology train...
VR: Computer generated simulation of reality.
AR: Computer generated objects overlayed on top of real-world elements.
MR: Nonsense term...see above
XR: Please God stop. Please, I beg you! Entirely different mediums that may one day share a single device?

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