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This is what I DIDN’T see !!! Courtesy of @CoopsCamera - these were tonight’s Noctilucent clouds !! Now you see why I was so keen to catch them ! I hope some of you saw them or will see them tonight. See my IG post…

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Noctilucent Clouds ? Well, this isn’t the phot I was hoping for ! But my dear pal Jamie Cooper has just alerted me to the fact that they are VISIBLE RIGHT NOW !!! Unfortunately, while he has clear skies I have…

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ARROKOTH - the stereoscopic movie ! This incredible movie of the most distant object ever photographed - by the NASA new Horizons mission - was made by Roman Tkachenko - and this 3-D version was created from it by…

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Today is ASTEROID DAY !!! This is Bennu - an asteroid in “Near Earth” orbit. (Swipe for stereos) But not so near that it could impact our planet. However there are literally millions of asteroids out there. They…

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Moondreams ... Bri

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On my roof. A beautiful ‘waxing crescent’ Moon tonight. We used to call this a ‘New Moon’. So new and sharp shiny, it does give a feeling of new hope. Just for the record, and to annoy you all, astronomers apply…

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Honouring MICHAEL FALZON - our magnificent Aussie Galileo. His death at only 48 is so deeply sad, and a shock to the entire We Will Rock You Family. Michael’s talents and wit and charm are irreplaceable. Our…

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My lady wife Anita, Zoom ready - for her live appearance on the ONE Show tonight around 7. Talking about her iconic two-hander episode of East Enders with Leslie Grantham - and the episode will be screened soon…

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Amazing news !! We will be honoured in a set of stamps. More details on QOL. Bri

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Who would ever have thought it ? Bri

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Well, APOLOGIES ! No NLC’s tonight, it seems. (The Noctilucent Clouds that I was advertising earlier!) if you stayed up and saw nothing, I take full responsibility - and I’ll understand if you never believe me again…

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What’s this ? NOCTULUCENT CLOUDS ! This great photo taken last night by astrophotographer Jamie Cooper shows the eery milk light of these clouds - they’re the blue-white clouds in the upper part of the first picture…

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Anybody see our ‘Watch Party”tonight on Queen Channel Youtube ? What did you think ? This is an nice alternative view of the Love of my Life Moment from the O2 - the same night we used for the Watch Party. From…

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ANITA says “Happy Lockdown to all !!!” She doesn’t often want to be IG’d - but tonight ... she insisted ! Swipe for 3-D parallel and crosseye views ... and the marvellous recycled candle ‘cake’ which she fashioned…

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A message from singer songwriter guitarist Lynn Carey Saylor. She’s a true beauty - visually and sonically. Sorry, dear Lynn - I couldn’t resist that ! @lynncareysaylor brianmayguitars #babyblue Bri

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Baby Blue ! I like these ! The first ‘Red Special’ in this colour was made to special order for my dear friend, singer songwriter and guitarist @lynncareysaylor - but they have become popular now. As have the…

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Hoorah !!! Back to an operational state (kind of !) - Bri

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So touched by these guys - who can both play me off the pitch, over the stands and way into the deep blue !!! I had to post this to show MY appreciation of their wonderful words. This means so much. So let me say…

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In the ‘Old Days’ people used to say “Every cloud has a silver lining“. Wishing for one of these for each one of you. In found mine on my roof. Good to be back there again. Bri

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