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A huge night from Ingram wasn't enough to top the best in the West.


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The All-Star is getting buckets in the first half of this thriller.


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A lively first quarter is in the books in LA.


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Replying to @PelicansNBA: Getting shots up ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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Getting shots up ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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.@Zionwilliamson nearly jab stepped Alen Smailagic straight out of California.

#WBD | #WontBowDown | @PelicansNBA

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Replying to @PelicansNBA: Zion on Jrue's strong 2nd half! #WBD

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Zion on Jrue's strong 2nd half! #WBD

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After his big scoring night @NikMelli talks with the media about what was working so well.

#WontBowDown | @PelicansNBA

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After jumping up to 9th in the West JJ Redick talks about the @PelicansNBA fighting their way back into the playoff race.


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Coach Gentry talks about the @PelicansNBA big second half and how @Zionwilliamson is starting to become more vocal.


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A big night from Nico Melli has @NancyLieberman tell us why this is important for the rookie's confidence.


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Don't change that channel! It's time for @PelicansNBA Live postgame show with @ImErinHartigan and @NancyLieberman.

Watch the delightful duo on FOX Sports New Orleans or stream them on FOX Sports GO!


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After a big second half for the @PelicansNBA their leader @Jrue_Holiday11 talks with @JenHale504 about what went right in the final 24 minutes.


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With this win the @PelicansNBA move up a spot in the Western Conference standings!


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"He's dancing right now," @adaniels33 knows @Jrue_Holiday11 has it working tonight.


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12 minutes left to decide this one.


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The All-Star knows how to take it up strong and deal with the contact.


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It's halftime in the Bay and there's some room for improvement.


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The hustle of @Zionwilliamson is absolutely unmatched.


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