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From cartoonist @PatChappatte: President Trump’s new title

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.@SenWarren’s would save lives with her data-driven gun legislation, which would extend laws that have proven effective in Massachusetts to the rest of the country, writes @stophandguns co-founder John E. Rosenthal. #EndGunViolenceBill

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A totally woke septuagenarian on the 2020 presidential campaign trail? Read @Joan_Vennochi’s latest. #DemDebate

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The #coronavirus outbreak shows how overwhelmed hospitals and clinics leave a significant number of people unattended, says the @BelferCenter’s @juliettekayyem and @Nonstopdoc and @harvardmed’s @VBKerry and Annmarie Sasdi.

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With this year's Super Tuesday endorsement, the @BostonGlobe editorial board is giving readers a deeper look at our deliberation process. Sign up for our newsletter to learn more.

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AG William Barr has generally urged prosecutors to seek lengthy mandatory sentences. How does that square with his recommendation in the #RogerStone case, asks @Harvard_Law professor @ngertner.

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.@JoeBiden, @BernieSanders, @MikeBloomberg each has his own issues when it comes to respecting women. @Joan_Vennochi explains. #DemDebate

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The @BostonGlobe editorial board has a big announcement coming next week.

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President Trump delivers reasonable American policy decisions in such a way that makes it difficult for other world leaders to give in, says @emilyctamkin.

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The only potential check on President Trump’s behavior — impeachment — has been removed, leaving him free to ignore the norms and political traditions of the presidency with no repercussions, says Michael A. Cohen (@speechboy71).

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Replying to @emilyctamkin: For @GlobeOpinion, I wrote about how the US in general and the Trump administration in particular hurts its security inte…

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Political corruption charges filed against state Representative David Nagle once again raise the question: do the Feds just have better legal tools, or is there a failure to prioritize the pursuit of corruption at other government levels? #mapoli

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It’s time for a reality check on the US economy, courtesy of @GlobeScotLehigh.

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President Trump claims to be a great dealmaker, but when it comes to making deals with world leaders, he falls short, says @emilyctamkin.

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Fighting public corruption shouldn’t always mean making it a federal case — local leaders should also be willing to hold public servants to higher ethical standards. #mapoli

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For @GlobeOpinion, I wrote about how the US in general and the Trump administration in particular hurts its security interests by 1) expressing them as demands and 2) conflating them with trade desires

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.@MikeBloomberg may not have started “stop-and-frisk” but he did expand the program in ways that continue to have devastating repercussions on communities of color, says @reneeygraham.

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Impeachment has emboldened President Trump — and there’s nothing that can stop his assault on American democracy now, says Michael A. Cohen (@speechboy71).

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President Trump didn’t create this economy — and his policies haven’t delivered what he promised, says @GlobeScotLehigh.

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Is the man who saw potential suspects in every Black and brown face all that different from the man who called Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals? Read @Reneeygraham before Wednesday's #demdebate

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