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46th Governor of the great state of Florida.

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WATCH LIVE: Press conference regarding #COVID19 in Bradenton

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Today I am holding a press conference regarding #COVID19 in Bradenton at 12:45PM. Tune in to the @floridachannel or .

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I’m pleased to announce more than $8.6 million to build 74 fast electric charging stations along our state’s major highways and evacuation routes as part of the $166 million Florida received from the Volkswagen Settlement.

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These charging stations will span over 1,000 miles along I-75, I-4 and I-95 and increase publicly available fast chargers in the state by approximately 50%. This is a great first step to create a cleaner, electric vehicle-friendly future for Florida. More–

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WATCH LIVE: Major Announcement at Turkey Lake Service Plaza in Orlando

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Today I am making a major announcement at Turkey Lake Service Plaza in Orlando at 12:45PM. Tune in to the @floridachannel or .

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WATCH LIVE: Press conference with U.S. Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia in Jacksonville

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Today I am joining @SecGeneScalia for a press conference in Jacksonville. Tune in at 2:30PM to the @floridachannel or .

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I have directed the state to send 100 nurses to support @JacksonHealth as they continue to care for COVID-positive patients. I am committed to supporting our hard-working health care workers and physicians across the state and thank them for their ongoing efforts.

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Enjoyed discussing Florida’s efforts to protect our most vulnerable in long-term care facilities and the elderly with @SeanHannity.

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.@FLCaseyDeSantis & I mourn the loss of Wayne Mixson, a WWII veteran who served as Lt. Governor and Governor of Florida & was appointed U.S. Ambassador under President Jimmy Carter. We extend our condolences to his family as our state and country celebrate his legacy.

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WATCH LIVE: Press conference regarding regarding COVID-19 in Miami

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Today I am holding a press conference in Miami regarding #COVID19. Tune in at 12:30PM to the @floridachannel or .

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I urge all Floridians to continue social distancing to help protect our state’s most vulnerable and slow the spread of #COVID19. Avoid the "Three Cs" and high-risk environments. Wearing a facial covering when you can’t social distance may also help reduce transmission.

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Our #1 priority during #COVID19 has been to protect the vulnerable. Since early March, we have taken swift action to protect residents of LTC facilities and issued guidance to those 65+ & individuals with underlying conditions.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, Florida has prohibited COVID-positive patients from being readmitted to LTC facilities. Since April, our state has established 12 COVID-dedicated nursing facilities, where COVID-positive LTC patients can safely recuperate.

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Hospitals are safe and Floridians in need of treatment shouldn’t avoid seeking care. At the beginning of pandemic, people were fearful of going to the hospital and didn’t seek treatment for other life-threatening conditions. ⬇️

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Recent CDC seroprevalance study shows that #COVID19 was likely far more widespread than we thought at the beginning of March. The virus has been around for quite some time.

The good news? We have far more information now than we did previously about the virus & how to treat it.

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Florida’s case fatality rate is 1.9%, which is much lower than other large states.

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At the beginning of the #COVID19 pandemic, many of the cases were over the age of 60. In recent weeks, the upswing of new positive cases has been driven by people in their 20s and 30s.

Age with the most cases ➡️ 21

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