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ATTN LYNX: This was my favorite trailer for LODGE 49, though not many people saw it. As always a killer track dug up by our ace music supervisor @thomasdynamic.

I miss all these beautiful faces and places. You can watch seasons 1 & 2 on @hulu. #lodge49forever #digginforgold

I know there’s gold here. Why couldn’t other people see it? #Lodge49Forever

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Quoted @jimatdeltaco

ATTN LYNX: Please watch Dud bravely carry on through a series of catastrophic injuries. Be inspired! Thank you @clairedamn! To fill in the gaps watch Season 1 & 2 of LODGE 49 on @hulu. #lodge49forever #antibiotics

Good advertising is all it would have taken and then everyone would be locked indoors clamoring for seasons 3-4 and probably COVID-19 wouldn’t have even happened because I believe that’s a direct result of the cancellation, scientifically. Save #Lodge49 and save the world @Hulu.

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Come on @hulu bring back Lodge 49 and stop making me cry. #Lodge49Forever

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Quoted @jimatdeltaco

Different shapes, different colors. #lodge49forever

#Lodge49 introduced me to so much great music. One of the many tragedies of its cancellation is that I won’t be introduced to all the great music from seasons 3-4. The forehead is where the diamond rotates. #Lodge49Forever

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If you happen to find a magic door or a pathway through the hollow Earth, or if you have @Hulu, come into #Lodge49 and have a free domestic lager. #BringBackLodge49 #Lodge49Forever Two more seasons!!

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Oh wow! I loved the sets for the Lodge, especially all the great artwork. #Lodge49 is a magical place and a magical show. #Lodge49Forever #Lodge49onHulu #BringBackLodge49

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Please watch #Lodge49 on @Hulu, it’s the best show out there — story, acting, writing, directing, and the music is incredible! #Lodge49Forever #Lodge49onHulu

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Respectfully @hulu. #Lodge49 is phenomenal. It is a prelude to, or it may well be THE magnum opus of @jimatdeltaco. The Order of the Lynx asks that you please let this man complete this enchanting story. Support Season 3. And 4. Thank you. 🍺🍩🌮🧻 #Lodge49onHulu #Lodge49Forever

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Quoted @jimatdeltaco

ATTN LYNX: Both seasons of LODGE 49 have been available for a while in the Republic of North Macedonia (we got really good promotion there), but soon they will be available in America. Seasons 1 & 2 are coming to @hulu on Jan 13. Spread the word! #lodge49forever

This is amazing. Watch #Lodge49. #Lodge49Forever

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“When I’m out there I feel like I’m all alone. And all these things chasing me; it’s dragons and dickheads. But it’s different in here. I can see what this place is. I can feel it. Can’t you?” #Lodge49Forever #happynewyear2020

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Quoted @EricAllanKramer

So you're saying there's a chance...

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Personally I’d take the Donkey-corn over the order desk. #Lodge49Forever #BringBackLodge49

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As long as there is magic in the air there will be #Lodge49 Don’t be surprised if when all memory of it is reduced to only a flicker that it reignites to form a shooting star. If only in my dreams

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All I want for Christmas is to #BringBackLodge49 #lodge49forever

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Quoted @jimatdeltaco

ATTN LYNX: As we find ourselves on yet another wonderful Top Ten list ( #6 at @voxdotcom), I can now tell you that Seasons One & Two of LODGE 49 will be available on @hulu on JAN 13. Let's make a celebration of it. Stay tuned... #lodge49forever

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Wyatt Russell is going to win an Oscar someday. Oozes charisma, has great range, and just tons of talent — and that thoroughbred Hollywood pedigree. I think #Lodge49 will be remembered as a breakthrough for him.

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Really looking forward to seeing more from Russell and all the spectacular #Lodge49 cast like @sonya_cassidy and so many others. #Lodge49Forever

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