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Father of 2, husband of 1.
James does art for https://t.co/sAC9EDaFX0 & https://t.co/usncBupyQi
Author of 2 Dudeist Children's books - 'Am I a Dude?' & 'Do you Abide?'

Montréal, Québec

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Caroll Spinney, the legendary puppeteer behind beloved Sesame Street characters Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, died today, December 8th 2019, at age 85 at his home in Connecticut, after living with Dystonia for some time.

A very influential part of my childhood is gone.... but never ever will he be forgotten.

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Little Monster Hill... the ink on the fine line pen needs to dry for a couple of hours before I paint... very annoying! #leftart

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A little self-portrait... in green.

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Wishing the amazing @TheJeffBridges a Happy Birthday. His effect on lives reaches way further down than his classic movie library, his soulful music, and his laid back awesome art.
The man deserves our respect, and so Happy Birthday sir!

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A reminder we are meeting Monday, December 2nd for a membership drive and a push to #SaveLodge49... Please don't use the hashtag until the set time...

Scott Miller
SP (emeritus) @Lodge49

Replying to @EricAllanKramer: RT, spread the word and see you later today...


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There are a ton of other people involved in the show, and I am sorry twitter doesn't allow for more characters to thank them all!!! #JoinLodge49

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Replying to @JamesDuncanArt: With love and admiration for the cast, creators & crew of @Lodge49 I tweet with all my powers...



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RT, spread the word and see you later today...


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@Yakov_Smirnoff like my post!!!!! 😲

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Should be read in 80's Russian comedian @Yakov_Smirnoff 's accent...
If @HamillHimself pees into cold pool, is it Luke-warmed?

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And real men don’t eat Quiche… or so I was told by TV in the 80′s.

#punch #punchandjudy #comic #comics #puppet #art #dailyart #comicstrip #comicstrips #webcomic #webcomics

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I wanted to do another panel or something tonight... but I was way way too tired. :(

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