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just a guy who loves wrestling,mma, heavy metal and comic books

Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

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watching @mcitywrestling Vendetta, first time seeing Jett rouka, really impressed, good to see more local talent doing well

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just bought and downloaded @mcitywrestling Vendetta, cant wait to sit down and check it out. hearing good things about it

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Hey! Use my code "87gd211" to get $10 credit to watch combat sports on the FITE app. #FITEtv

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anyone got a code I can use to watch @GCWrestling_ on @FiteTV today? #GCW

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I’m on @FrankieEdgar side cause I wanna meet him In Australia when he fights @alexvolkanovski for the title dream match for me between two fav guys #ufc240

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Devestated to see @swandane was only available to Victoria for pickstar surely you’d cross the border to nsw for a birthday party for a mad pies fan swanny

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Watched a bit of @sup_graps before I fell asleep on couch like old man I am but I liked it definitely company to keep eye on for sure

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10 am in morning in australia and im laying on the floor watching @beyondwrestling #unchartedterritory

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Excited my fight mnd beanie arrived gonna wear it proudly @FightMND @swandane #BigFreeze5

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I’ll buy a ring can I book @DowieJames @RobbieEagles_ and @Krackerbastard for a match in my backyard? I’ll supply beer and food

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Worst thing ever is #roamingbrian please end it

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I wanna go to @WSWWrestlingAUS just to do the zandig pose with @JANELABABY

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My 4 yr old is so cute “if magpies kick a million goals we win” I love her optimism @CollingwoodFC #AFLPiesCats

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Cheers to @MetalHammer for introducing me to @theravenage through the latest issue what an awesome band!! Loving the new album

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I swear Jacob and the rest of @Convergecult guys were standing in front of me during Judas Priest set at download yesterday #downloadfestival

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Who’s usman has now? Colby? Askren?? #UFC235Live

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I wann shake @RobbieEagles_ hand and have a meat pie with him.. I wonder how he sauces his pie

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Winner of main event fights kelvin for belt then fights Whittaker when he’s recovered think that’s only fair #ufc234

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Gotta get on my boys namesake @TheJonGresham

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