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Replying to @SamSchindler43: Hey @AMC_TV, please #savethelodge!
Retweet if you want #Lodge49 back!

#SaveLodge49 #stl #sos #saveourshow #amc_tv #โ€ฆ

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Sitting in my office at work, debating on playing some Behemoth loud enough to drown out the Christmas music my coworker is blaring from her office...but I think it would freak my patients out.

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Oh shit. I forgot about The Boys. Loved that show and can't wait for Season 2.

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Get ready for some serious new boot

Dude. DUDE. Looking forward to more Terry.

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My top ten shows of 2019:
1. Lodge 49
2. Good Omens
3. Stranger Things
4. NOS4A2
5. What We Do In The Shadows
6. Preacher
7. The Mandalorian
8. Dark Tourist
9. The Good Place
10. Um... #lodge49 again

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Show of hands: Who else is going to drop their Disney+ subscription once The Mandalorian ends? It's pretty much the only reason I have it, although Jeff Goldblum's little show is delightful too.

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Want there to be more #Lodge49 in the future? Share your support in the #CarterMattAwards - Bring It Back category

I think I've voted two dozen times for #Lodge49 in this poll but "Anne with an E" is leading by a large margin and I'm just like WTF. #savelodge49

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Y'all I gotta call it a night soon, as my duties of helping underinsured women obtain birth control calls in the morning, but I have to shout out one last #joinlodge49 to help the world be a better place, at least here on Twitter. Love you Lynx of #Lodge49 !

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#JoinLodge49 What state do you live in, fellow Lynx? I'm currently representin' Kentucky! (Hoosier born and bred though) ๐Ÿ˜˜

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I am a Gen Xโ€™r, suburban mom who has never read Marvel comic (although I have been known to be in a mosh pit back in the day), but I too have NEVER gone to such lengths for a show! I am a Twitter novice, but I am happy to #JoinLodge49

I am a Gen X, Midwestern mom who loves metal and antique oddities. I spent the 90's working the door at local bands shows and skateboarding under overpasses. Back then I was one of the misfits and I feel the same with #lodge49. #joinlodge49 and our band of misfit lynxs

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Are you my sister from another mister?! @BattagliaJess #joinlodge49

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#JoinLodge49 because it would crazy not to.

#SaveLodge49 now

It would be absolutely nuckin futs. #joinlodge49

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Quoted @DeyCuhPa

Lodge 49 is a modern classic on par with the best cinema I've ever seen. The dialogue is unparalleled and the show deserves to at least finish what it started. #JoinLodge49

What he said!! #joinlodge49

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Because the theme song alone gives me goosebumps!! #joinlodge49

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Back in the old days people used to have a saying, "Lodge 49, Mondays on AMC." Those were better days.

#SaveLodge49 @mpaull

I used to look forward to Mondays for this reason alone! #JoinLodge49

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#JoinLodge49 and learn about the mysteries of Harwood Fritz Merrill. I hear he will be played by @tomhanks in S3 *cough* *cough* #SaveLodge49

Oh Em Gee you guys. #JoinLodge49

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I like my Lodge 49 like I like my coffee. Not cancelled.

#JoinLodge49 @jsalke

I like my sugar with coffee and cream #joinlodge49 ๐Ÿ˜˜

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Ok so far @brainstem474 and @BattagliaJess have had the best #joinlodge49 tweets and I just wanna say I love this show for my fellow
Lynx friends. We've never met but I feel kindred spirits. ๐Ÿ’“

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