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Replying to @JewelStaite: Can I come? #WeWantStargate

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#WeWantStargate, let's gooo already! To whoever is in control of this franchise and can make an in-canon revival happen, get on it, please. The fans are still here.

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I’m here for a good time #WeWantStargate

Can I come? #WeWantStargate

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Replying to @BaronDestructo: #Stargate Superdrive - Friday, December 6th: 21:00 EST/18:00 PST #StargateSG1 #StargateAtlantis #StargateUniverse #SG1

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#Stargate Superdrive - Friday, December 6th: 21:00 EST/18:00 PST #StargateSG1 #StargateAtlantis #StargateUniverse #SG1 #SGA #SGU

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#JoinLodge49, hey, bring this show back.

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Replying to @paulscheer: This is great

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Mr. Trump Gives Jon Voight A Medal

Don liked the way actor @jonvoight spoke about him, so he gave him an award! Pretty cool.

This is great

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#ripbean hashtags are fucking pretty much useless. I see this tag and I'm like "what the fuck is this about?" and yet *No one* is saying it and here I am adding to confusion.

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Oh look, I made another twitter. Let's see if I have something to say this time.

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