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Marcel Barthel is incredible. #WorldsCollide

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That match was all about DIY, dont really think there was a part in the match were Moustache Mountain looked like they could win.

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She didn't know 😂

"Then I heard the crowd go wild"

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"You can have any virus you want. As long as it's a Coronavirus." - Dominic "Dom" Torreto


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Can't believe the scripts from the guy who wrote The Snowman, Snow White and the Huntsmen and 47 Ronin needed a rework.

Stop hiring shit screenwriters Disney. You can afford anyone, so I don't know why you're giving us this and the Batman V Superman guy #ObiWan

Could easily of used Taika. Kathleen Kennedy has killed Star Wars, and now shes just spitting on the corpse.

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The Poet The Poem

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Ole should call a press conference and resign, saying he’s been given an impossible task and as long as the Glazers own the club we’re fucked #Glazers #WoodwardOut

I'd give him a ton of respect for this. Won't happen tho, he's a yes man.

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They dont even have to sack Ole until the summer. Just announce Poch taking over!

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Need 2 goals?


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Get a 3rd Burnley I dare you!

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This man. This fucking man.

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What do people actually see in Martial? Hes shite!

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May as well sign it! via @UKChange

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On the pitch or not, @ManUtd fans don’t get much bigger than me.

You best believe I'll be involved in team meetings, team huddles and team sessions throughout this recovery 💪🏿

Dont rush yourself back. We need you, but we need you fit! Heel up Rashy! 👌

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Rashford was carrying a single stress fracture in his back, now has a double stress fracture after Wolves game. Expected to be out for 2-3 months. Also has piece of floating bone in his ankle requiring non-intrusive surgery to remove. Been playing thru immense pain to help #mufc

Get Ole out man.

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Ed Woodward signing Bruno after we get slapped up 3-0.

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what scene in what film always makes you cry?

mine is when the priest in Les Miserables forgives Jean Valjean for stealing his silverware and then gives him some candlesticks for good measure

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Conor McGregor



The King is Back 🤴


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Ole will be sacked by the end of the season. That's 100% what I believe.

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