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#disrespectfuldeBlasio Im not religious, but many Dems from ur own party are..LOL He rather kiss Muslim's ass..thats what u get..

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“It’s pretty ridiculous,” he said. “If you’re not going to help us with the people we need help with, what’s the purpose?”

Cus the patients are lying around NY parking lot/.just like the way their governor hidden those ventilators..nice try..

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Ya i rather vote for #pencecodeword Dems than Rep...LMAO 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 no thanks.

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Quoted @frankshyong

Frankly, I've never seen Asian American Twitter agree about anything as much as they agree about hating this op-ed by @andrewyang.

Im Asian from CA. I never thought that theres racism in blue states, but black and white ppl has been namecalling me. I have watched alot of ppl from all doing the same, including blue states. Whats the difference between Spanish flu and Chinese Flu?

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@MyGlamReviews That does not line up anywhere near perfectly, they just resemble the shape.

U have to look closer..its only a grid. do a search on CAFires on YT, ull see closer videos and locals.

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#AskGovNewsom Last stop of where the last fire was..and this is on the map of the fires. Dems u need to wakeup.

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#AskGovNewsom Why do we have the highest taxes in the nation? And all u Dems is worry about freebies but doesnt care about the highest taxes.

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#AskGovNewsom Funny how the trees doesnt burn isnt it? And the fires burns from inside the trees..

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#AskGovNewsom Wheres our taxes been going? Funny how those fires are the same route as your #FastRail project..just like Austrailia's fires..check their routes as well. Using #GlobalWarming shame.

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Quoted @BreitbartNews

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 87, is continuing to work out at the Supreme Court’s private gym despite the coronavirus pandemic and D.C.’s stringent stay-at-home orders.

#CNNTownHalI #ruthbaderginsburg want to see her DNA test. Why cant she get a test?

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Fakeass #feminist #Metoo supportor #Alyssamilo supports #JoeBiden #whoopigoldberg ..not suprised..LOL So what do u #Bernie2020 think? #QuestionsThatTriggerTrump want to know.

i meant #AlissaMilano and now #StacyAbrams want to be his running mate..GO FOR IT! LMAO! Just another pedo cheating lover..hey i hope all u #BernieForPresident Bernie supporters are aware of her being busted for cheating..Once a cheater always a #cheater

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So this fakeass #metoo is supporting #creepyjoe #JoeBiden for all u Berniesupportors, i suggest u to google #pizzagate if u want #Bernie2020 to win.

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The giant discount store chain, Costco, is now telling its customers that they cannot return overbought items purchased in bulk during the coronavirus outbreak. The top products that canny be returned are paper products, water and Lysol.

LMAO HOARDERS! LMAO! HAHAHA Cheap ass ghetto mf. #QuarantineMoneyMakingIdeas #AskGovPars #AskGovParson

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Take a virtual trip to Yellowstone and immerse yourself in this park's epic beauty

HAARP. Part of the cabal. Agenda 21

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@russ_ayers She has looked extremely thin the last few pictures I saw of her...sounds like she’s sending that “dying” message.

Thats what Andrenochrome can do to u, she's out of it, will love her no matter what. shes a victim of MK Ultra. Got married when she was 13 years old. Stuck in pedowood. Go google it.

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