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A man and a woman demonstrate dining under a plastic shield in a Paris restaurant on Wednesday, May 27, 2020. As restaurants in food-loving France prepare to reopen, some are investing in lampshade-like plastic shields to protect diners from the virus. | Photo Thibault Camus

Seems familiar

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Such a drag whenever Northam starts trending and it’s Ralph

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Quoted @NYTimesGames

It has been brought to our attention there is a numbering error in this weekend's @NYTmag crossword. The row with a repeat "92" should read "93, 94, 95".

This error is not related to the puzzle's mystery hunt and the digital puzzle is unaffected.

First I’m expected to know Game of Thrones references, and now this. smdh

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Small Feces

Fall Out Loy

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(Dow Jones) - After nearly 60 years of selling home décor and accessories, Pier 1 Imports Inc. is permanently closing its retail stores in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, though it hopes to sell its intellectual property and e-commerce business.

Oh no! Pier 1 was my husband’s favorite store because they took so much stuff he had no use for and kept it conveniently in one place where he never had to go.

I wonder if all that stuff will escape into general trade and become harder to avoid.

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HONEST ANSWERS ONLY: What were your five most-listened-to bands or artists in high school? (And don't try to be cool and say some hardcore band from Manitoba that three people have heard of).

Steely Dan
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
The Who

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not sure how many dunes we need tbh

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Quoted @BroadwayWorld

AMC Theaters may never reopen due to debt and credit score decline.

omg is it because we snuck those Icee refills🙁

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Pride and Pestilence #QuarantineABook

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WATCH: USNS Comfort, a Navy hospital ship loaned to the coronavirus cause, arrives in New York City. The ship will care for New Yorkers who aren't infected with COVID-19 but still require urgent care.


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Timeline juxtapositions never cease to amuse me @EnlightFundy

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A little moment of joy for you.

Scrolled the #ANTSAT hashtag for quite a while before learning it means Always Nice To See A Turtle.🐢💚

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The Seventh Grey Seal #EltonJohnAShowOrMovie

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Happy birthday, Paddy Fitz! (Patrick McGoohan) Born this day in 1928. THE PRISONER is a wonderful binge-watch during our sequestered times.

Happy Birthday Patrick McGoohan!

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Quoted @SheldrickTrust

Orphan zebra Diria enjoys a bottle feed from his ‘mum’. His caregivers don a specially-made striped coat which allows him to naturally imprint, all the while ensuring a roster of people can act as his surrogate mum & give this fragile foal the best chance of survival possible.

The @SheldrickTrust has rescued an orphan baby zebra, and the keeper is wearing a striped coat because baby zebras imprint on their mothers’ stripes

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Kratu's back at it again 🤣🤣 #Crufts

On this day of many primaries, here to bless your timeline is Kratu who has no notion of doing the agility course properly. Or maybe he does, who can say.

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Don’t take any chances with Coronavirus. Wash your hands for the full amount of time it takes to hum Siegfried’s funeral music from Götterdämmerung.

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Is toilet roll edible? 🤷🏽‍♂️

I’m so sad for that stuffed bunny alone and forgotten on top of whatever candy that is 🐰😢

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