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Wouldn't NOW be a good time to shop for a network to pickup Counterpart Season 3? @CPWritersRoom What do You Have to Lose?

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How I imagine myself during this pandemic versus reality... #Lodge49 @hulu #StayAtHome #QuarantineLife #tbt #ThursdayThoughts

THIS JUST IN... The government announced they are giving loans to churches that don't have to be paid back! I think they call that FREE MONEY. We can #SaveLodge49 by restructuring Lodge49 into a church with tax exempt status! @EricAllanKramer YOU are The Guy For This. Say YES!

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I'll second that! Happy Birthday, Patrick!

Yes, Happy Birthday Patrick. Hmmm, Look under that table; are those the #Lodge49 Secret Scrolls hidden in plain site? Is Dudley at that #SaveLodge49 party?

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Chuffed to announce the release of the Lodge 49 soundtrack, featuring exclusives from @soundcarriers, @theLILYS, @kusysane, @Andrew_Carroll and many more. If sales are good, we may get a vinyl release with other rare tracks too! @Lodge49 #SaveLodge49

I've got my #Lodge49 Pre-Order in. Thanks to @thomasdynamic and @Andrew_Carroll and everyone who played their part in this project. I am so #SaveLodge49 Stoked!

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@hulu I kinda like the one Dud is wearing here. #SaveLodge49 @Lodge49 #christmasgift #tbt #thursdaythoughts

If the show runners are not pointing out the myriad of #Lodge49 Product Placement opportunities, they should consider it to #SaveLodge49 The returns from @FahertyBrand alone would make the bean counters eyes Pop!

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Okay, this is it. I have to stop Zazzle creating for a while. Sales or not, I don't have the money for this. But maybe whoever does #SaveLodge49 should consider bringing me in to come up with Lynx merch that people will want. #JoinLodge49 #Lodge49Forever #LynxTime #INeedAJob

I vote Cheryl Jones for #Lodge49 Merchandise Tsar

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@thepod49 I lost hope after reading about Sonya Cassidy getting a new show. She is brilliant & deserves all the best. Just really wanted to #SaveLodge49 & continue to interact with you wonderful people.

Don't despair. Being able to juggle multiple gigs is one of the things that make these #Lodge49 actors so great!
So, let's all grab a stick of Wrigley's (...or Orbit...) and #SaveLodge

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@WalkingDead_AMC your walker decided to #JoinLodge49 and help #SaveLodge49

Under normal circumstances, I would say no.
But winter is coming, and we can use ALL the help we can get to #SaveLodge49

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A month ago, this girl was lost. She had a chip on her shoulder against a certain zombie show, and felt a pull to support her brother-in-law's conquests to #SaveLodge49

Now, that girl has watched all the current seasons of @Lodge49, and is much better for it.

A girl drinks from the Lynx tankard and finds the will to #SaveLodge49

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In a world with ~ 600 scripted TV shows and a bazillion reality shows Lodge 49 keeps hitting these year-end 2019 Top Ten lists. Next to heavyweight shows. But its canceled? Cue the Septa and the #Shame chant for @AMC_TV

The Orbis campus is dark and full of terrors

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C’mon goddamnit! Get on this my brothers and sisters! Vote as much as ya can.

Yeah, it's almost too easy #SaveLodge49 And you can vote many many many many many times!. Spread the word and vote and spread the word and vote again #SaveLodge49

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Pulling out all the stops... #Lodge49Forever

“I broke tape on your viv and your rigging was tight. You caught the wind and crossed the equator.” - Janet #JoinLodge49 @albert_cheng @jsalke @mpaull @craigerwich #SaveLodge49

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dear @hulu put one of these on and you will start to see important images... #LODGE49FOREVER

I have the feeling of having a memory, just not the actual memory. - Connie Clark #JoinLodge49 @albert_cheng @jsalke @mpaull @craigerwich #SaveLodge49

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I want to go to there #Lodge49Forever #SaveLodge49

Gentlemen, none of us got into the plumbing game to get famous. - Bob Kruger #JoinLodge49 @albert_cheng @jsalke @mpaull @craigerwich #SaveLodge49

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Preview of next week's episode of #Lodge49. Mondays at 10pm on AMC after #BettercallSaul. . #ChampandDud

“Que sera, bragh. You can’t turn back time. This is where we are.” - Champ #JoinLodge49 @albert_cheng @jsalke @mpaull @craigerwich #SaveLodge49

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Is Dud okay? We all have to know what happened. We have no choice but to #SaveLodge49 #Lodge49Forever

“Sometimes the pump dragon makes noise.” - Larry Loomis #JoinLodge49 @albert_cheng @jsalke @mpaull @craigerwich #SaveLodge49

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Tonight on @Lodge49 10pm AMC- More fun at Shamroxx with @IAM_THE_ATKINS @sonya_cassidy @whaleheart1 and me. Please check it out. #Lodge49 #ShamroxxRocks

“I hear you, Liz. The internet’s an abattoir. We’re the butcher and the pig.” - Champ #JoinLodge49 @albert_cheng @jsalke @mpaull @craigerwich #SaveLodge49

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.@Lodge49 An offering to you.. Starts Monday night on @AMC_TV
Hope you enjoy. @EricAllanKramer @sonya_cassidy @LindaEmondNYC @jimatdeltaco @ncjack

“Et in Arcadia ego. This is the craziest shit I’ve ever seen.” - Blaise St John #JoinLodge49 @albert_cheng @jsalke @mpaull @craigerwich #SaveLodge49

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Lodge 49 is an astounding achievement in entertainment technology.


“The water in my pool is green.” - Gloria Keller #JoinLodge49 @albert_cheng @jsalke @mpaull @craigerwich #SaveLodge49

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Because I need more Blaise in my life. #SaveLodge49 #Lodge49Forever

“Countless heavens countless suns.” - Blaise St John #JoinLodge49 @albert_cheng @jsalke @mpaull @craigerwich #SaveLodge49

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