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Replying to @XThreeee: Texas is the other way Jimmy Wang Yang (@akioyang).. #RoyalRumble

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Texas is the other way Jimmy Wang Yang (@akioyang).. #RoyalRumble


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This stuff X got is insane oh my god

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That was Bálor's best match in years. What a match.

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If Swerve wins the title tonight I might cry

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Replying to @WeAreVYBE: IT'S STORYTIME ON VYBE! @itsbrandonde is the first at bat, and tells the story of how he got stitches... You don't want to m…

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IT'S STORYTIME ON VYBE! @itsbrandonde is the first at bat, and tells the story of how he got stitches... You don't want to miss this, check it out!


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Have you wanted to watch #STIFFED with @XThreeee and I? You know, our show that launched on the @HighspotsWN
on New Years day? Well now you can for FREE! That's right, the people at Highspots have let X and I drop #STIFFED on our channels! Check it!


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@JustinLeeper_yo I made a whole script that I never used for my first custom episode of My Career on 2K19. Studied videos on how to write movie scripts for it, just as a writing exercise mainly during the build to 2K19's release. Eventually made a video about it later on.

I'm really happy I made this video last August, and didn't let that script I wrote go to waste.

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If Story Designer were to somehow show up in a WWE 2K game, the ultimate want for me would be to include EVERY cutscene they've ever used in the Showcase style modes, as well as My Career. On top of the universe mode cutscenes, etc.

Let us craft our stories, upload them, etc.

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imagine how story designer in wwe 2k15 on next gen would have been? with the addition of superstar studio(being able to change in game superstars attires), you likely would have had more people getting into content like @OverByDesign was making. WWE Octane is still the goat.

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It's crazy to see so many modes come and go in the WWE Games that people were really passionate about. GM Mode, RTWM, and Story Designer all come to mind. Imagine none of these three ever went away, and continued to be evolved year after year? The dream. 😔

i never valued story designer at the time, but after getting into content creation good lord was it the ultimate dream. i wish so badly that it'd return in the current day wrestling games. it'd add so much longevity to the games again.

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I remember during the build to SVR '10 I really wanted there to be a GM RTWM just to get GM Mode back. Now looking back at it, that would have been so weird.

@JustinLeeper_yo's directors series has me on a big RTWM kick at the moment if you couldn't tell haha.

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☠️He ain’t hug free no more!!!

darby is for the kids. 🥺

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Quick update on the GM Mode stream today, it's going to be pushed back for Monday! I've got something sick that I know you'll all enjoy dropping today that I didn't think I'd be allowed to post yet.

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new end screen coming to the channel. 🖤

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Now for the bigger part of the day. I decided to listen to those around me, and started my very own Patreon! Its launch goes with my newest YouTube series, the #WWE2K20 Interactive GM Mode series. Give it a look if you've got the time, I'd appreciate it!

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