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Just #savelodge49. That is all.

Joined Twitter specifically to save Lodge 49.



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Well, today sucks so far. #saveLodge49

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@sampuefua On my two mega pixel piece of crap phone camera. Burt wouldn't give me two bucks for this phone! #SaveLodge49

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#SaveLodge49 Still desperately seeking a new place to call home 🏠 #Lodge49

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Herman - "cash 4 gold"


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Quote this tweet with a show you loved that got canceled early

Lodge 49 #SaveLodge49

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Replying to @MattTheCatania: Ghost Rider flamed out. The writers room for Tigra & Dazzler dissolved. @hulu Why not focus on #Lodge49? It already has…

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Ghost Rider flamed out. The writers room for Tigra & Dazzler dissolved. @hulu Why not focus on #Lodge49? It already has its cast & crew ready to make 2 more seasons of critically acclaimed TV. You're already streaming its first half. #SaveLodge49 @craigerwich @hulu_support

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Coming in at number 8... Nobody wants to make a hero call on this show? Seriously?

#SaveLodge49 #JoinLodge49

The 25 best TV shows of 2019

Aaaaaarrggghhh!!!! #SaveLodge49

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Can't think of anything witty, insightful, or crude to say today, so I'm going to go with #SaveLodge49

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Tarquin -

"This is the vivisection. Flay the skin. You have one chance!"


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@tvtm Honorable mention for LODGE 49. Sooooo funny!

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#Lodge49 cannot end on that cliffhanger. We need more. Also, that show is too pure to die so soon.

#SaveLodge49 because not saving it is just bloody stupid.

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ATTN LYNX: So LODGE 49 continues showing up on top ten lists. Today: @RollingStone ( #7) and @TheAVClub ( #8). We're up there with big budget shows that got tons of promotion. It makes me so fucking proud of everyone who put their heart & soul into the lodge. #lodge49forever

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Hey, @AMC_TV when you're done blowing coke up zombies buttholes, how about admitting you made a stupid mistake and giving Lodge 49 a couple more seasons. Warmest regards.

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24. Lodge 49: Kinda like The Big Lebowski, if you swapped out bowling and profanity for swimming pools and fantastical elements, then added some late-capitalism satire. An oddball, amiable hangout show with a big heart and bigger ambitions.

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Lodge 49 was one of the comfiest shows I've seen in years and it's portrayals of grief, anxiety and depression really struck a cord with me. I'd absolutely recommend checking it out if you get the chance!

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Aslo, I hope Paul Giamatti gets some Emmy love for #Lodge49 and I REALLY hope Sonya and Wyatt get Emmy love.

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