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I'm proud to be part of an exciting virtual fundraiser for Joe Biden for President on July 4th where we'll declare our independence from the disastrous Trump Administration.
Tickets start at just $50. Go to and join me there!

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Pedal To The Metal, y’all!! Let’s get this done! #alleyesonkentucky

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RIP Joel Schumacher, you changed hearts& minds thru your work & journey. #ATimeToKill

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If you don’t think Voting is a Revolutionary Action, why do you think They keep trying to Prevent You Doing IT??!! #alleyesonkentucky #breonataylor

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Replying to @moviepartyz: @12nighthorror @TonyTodd54 I got @TonyTodd54 horror Genius
Then @SamuelLJackson he a bad🤬😳
And @morgan_freeman honestly

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HAPPY JUNETEENTH, YALL👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾After making us All aware of this long celebrated day, we will be entertained by a vocal rendition of Beethoven’s blackest shiznit🔥

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@12nighthorror @TonyTodd54 I got @TonyTodd54 horror Genius
Then @SamuelLJackson he a bad🤬😳
And @morgan_freeman honestly
These⬆️beautiful⬆️gorgeous⬆️men began my love for those who grace my screen
There is so much beauty. Just beneath the surface. That or they are really REALLY Good actors😊

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If you’ve had COVID-19, your plasma can literally save lives. Please go to to find out how to donate. #TheFightIsInUs

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If you haven't seen this collab from @ONYX_HQ @SamuelLJackson @TalibKweli @IAmKRSOne it's one of the most powerful tracks I've ever heard!💪💖💯 Onyx been my favorite and they collabed with some legends here and made a grown man cry. #ICantBreathe #onelove

When you do something One Time & it’s the right thing for This Time!!! #BlackLivesMattters

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Breonna Taylor would be 27 today!!!SAY HER NAME!! #guiltyasnotcharged

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Just posted a photo

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Did we just get Martial Lawed??! So, he just Declared War on The Public??!! It’s not 1807 this is not Rebellion!!, but I think it’s about get all kinds of fucked up here!!

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The question every white person who does not stand must ask themselves.

This right here!!

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No way that Muthafukkah was hiding out in the basement!! He Said he was watching the Secret Service Ninjas kick protestor ass! He was about to jump down there & hahahahahaha.... he’s a whole pack of busted rubbaz!!!

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#CapitalOnesTheMatch is about to tee off, and I’m READY to watch these guys play some golf. If you ask me, @TigerWoods & Peyton Manning got this in the bag. What do y’all think? 🤔 #CapitalOnePartner

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Who would you rather caddie for? #CapitalOnesTheMatch

Leave it to the people to keep it 💯😁 #CapitalOnesTheMatch #CapitalOnePartner

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Had to #AskNantz something for my good friend Chuck. I'll be following @CapitalOne to see what he answers on Sunday, May 24, during #CapitalOnesTheMatch starting at 3PM ET. Gonna be a great event for a great cause! #CapitalOnePartner

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