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Replying to @SHO_Penny: Renowned civil rights activist @DoloresHuerta joins #PennyDreadful: City of Angels actors, @barrazaadriana and @_Adam_Rodrig

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Renowned civil rights activist @DoloresHuerta joins #PennyDreadful: City of Angels actors, @barrazaadriana and @_Adam_Rodriguez, for a candid conversation on the challenges faced by today's Latino population.

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Two series created by the amazing 👑 @LenaWaithe

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📺 Follow them up with Outcry and The Chi.

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TFW you finish a new series.

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The movie villains. The actual villain.

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Quoted @SHODesusAndMero

Next up on #DESUSandMERO we're kickin' it conference call style with comedian, director, and activist Jon Stewart. Thursday 11/10c, only on @Showtime. 💪

Stream here:

It's a meeting of late-night kings. Jon Stewart is joining @SHODesusAndMero tonight!

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Halfway through 2020 like...

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Darkness ensues.

We Hunt Together draws you in beginning August 9 on SHOWTIME.

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It's been 14 years since Tommy Caffee's life was first turned upside down in Brotherhood.

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Asking for a friend... 👀

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A solid group of jokers.

If you're in need of a good laugh, stream I'm Dying Up Here on SHOWTIME.

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When you find someone who loves Billions as much as you do.

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We're bringing some rock-n-roll energy to your living room.

Martin Scorsese and David Tedeschi will co-direct an intimate documentary coming to SHOWTIME that reveals the many faces of David Johansen, the legendary frontman of the New York Dolls.

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Quoted @LenaWaithe

This is for all of my melanin brothers and sisters. Relive the magic or the MESS of your twenties every Monday starting tonight at 10p/9c on @Showtime.

Twenties will remain a @BET show, we’re just expanding the representation. ⁣

We. Out. Here. On. Multiple. Networks.

We've got your Monday night plans right here. ⬇️

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Meeting attire at the start of 2020 vs now:

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Kev drinking a juicebox is all the entertainment we need today. #Shameless

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Replying to @SHOBlackMonday: It’s date night! #BlackMonday starts now on #Showtime.

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Replying to @miriamahyman: Episode 3 of @SHOTheChi on @Showtime airs Tonight 9/8c #buckleup #callmeDre

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A controversial conviction of a high school football star in Texas will leave you searching for answers.

Outcry, the five-part docuseries starts now on SHOWTIME.

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It’s date night! #BlackMonday starts now on #Showtime.

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Can't wait to be reunited with the Bodega Boys tonight!

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Episode 3 of @SHOTheChi on @Showtime airs Tonight 9/8c #buckleup #callmeDre

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