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Just watched #AMillionLittleThings again & cried harder than I did last night! 😭 Esp Sophie telling Charlie the story of the Sergeant. ALZ is in my fam so it’s a concern. But @heydjnash thank you for telling these stories! Can’t wait for Boston, do we have a date??

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New beginnings (Rome & Gina). Repairing relationships (Gary & Maggie, D & Sophie). Out of control is ok (K, Eddie, & T). Overcoming fear (Piñata scene). Caring for loved ones (D & Dad). GREAT shows are made of THIS stuff. 💕 #AMillionLittleThings @heydjnash

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The piñata powerful. Gotta be my favorite of this episode. #KickCancersAss #HappyTears #NeedMoreKleenex #AMillionLittleThings @heydjnash @AMillionABC 💕

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Once again, Rome knocks it out of the park! LOVE the way he handled it with that producer guy. Perfect! #AMillionLittleThings @TeamRomany @heydjnash

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Finalizing it now.

.@heydjnash, any update on the Boston thing? We Millionaires need to get time off work and plan our road trip...🚗 🧺 #AMillionLittleThings #CantWait #OnOurWay

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You matter. #AMillionLittleThings

It was the exact, right, perfect thing that Sophie needed to hear at the moment. Love Regina, she’s gonna make a great mom! @greene_lizzy @christinamoses @TeamRomany @heydjnash #AMillionLittleThings #WereTheHowards 💕

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How amazing is Theo? “You were going to die but now you’re not.” #AMillionLittleThings

And when he’s upset and his eyes well up with heart breaks a little....💔 He’s such a great character and an even better actor! #Theo @heydjnash #AMillionLittleThings 💕

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Gary is imploding... 💣 And it’s bleeding over into his friends lives, the people that care about him most. #NotCoolGary #AMillionLittleThings

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@heydjnash Ok dj just watched the show. What is going on with Eric? Why would Maggie’s mom a lie about chads heart?

Trying to figure out who’s the liar, her mom or Eric?? Maybe he duped her too?? Then the question is why? There’s a reason he wanted in this family.... @heydjnash @JasonRitter 🤥🤔 #AMillionLittleThings @AMillionABC #GoodStoriesKeepUsGuessing 💕

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Because I NEED to rewatch last nights episode, because it’s Friday, and because the wine tastes so much better in this glass...🥂 Who’s with me?? 💕 #AMillionLittleThings @heydjnash @AMillionABC

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Hands down best advice, emotion, and performance goes to @OfficialChanceH ! Especially what Danny said to Gary at the end...boom!! #AMillionLittleThings #WiseBeyondHisYears

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The kids of #AMLT are KILLING IT tonight! Great job all of you!! @OfficialChanceH @greene_lizzy #tristanbyon 💕 #AMillionLittleThings

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Tonight is the night! Your friends are back! We had an amazing screening last night for fans who gasped, laughed and cried in all the right places. Can’t wait for you all to see @AMillionABC tonight after an all new @GreysABC! #amlt

.@heydjnash Is it weird that I woke up thinking it’s #AMLT day!? 🤷🏻‍♀️That’s how much we #Millionaires have been anticipating today. Excited and nervous about what’s in store...will you be live tweeting with us tonight? @AMillionABC #AMillionLittleThings 💕

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Nice nod to Stanford @IamNickGonzalez! #TheGoodDoctor #AlmaMater 🏃💕

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Wonder how many Melendez and Claire scenes leaning over a balcony there have been? 😂 #TheGoodDoctor 💕 @IamNickGonzalez @AntoniaLThomas #AlwaysGoodAdvice

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Even with all her quirkiness, Lea just understands and connects with Shaun without trying. That’s the difference, Shaun is a research project to Carly, without meaning to be. #TheGoodDoctor @gooddrwriters @GoodDoctorABC @paigespara

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Why does Morgan insist on diagnosing everyone’s life?? She’s not an expert or she’d have a relationship of her own. #TheGoodDoctor @gooddrwriters @GoodDoctorABC @TGDsquad

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Replying to @darren04: We are all air-drumming to Tom Sawyer with a hats tipped to greatest of all time, Neil Peart. Thank you...for all of it.


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We are all air-drumming to Tom Sawyer with a hats tipped to greatest of all time, Neil Peart. Thank you...for all of it.

RIP to the GOAT
Rip Neil The Professor
Moving Pictures

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