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Jif is having all the fun with the debate over how you should pronounce Gif

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5-time grand slam champion Maria Sharapova retires from tennis

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Today's Word of the Day with @MerriamWebster is “injunction”

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How much is too much cream cheese?

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“This will push many people over the edge,” parents warn as Hong Kong closes schools until April over coronavirus fears

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"Harry Potter" film and stage actors join forces for a new wizarding world project

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How much is too much cream cheese?

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Check it out, sans checkout: Amazon opens first cashier-less grocery store in Seattle

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Tuesday’s Democratic debate devolved into a chaotic, all-way melee

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After court ruling, Philadelphia non-profit readies opening of supervised injection site to combat overdose deaths

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A U.S. soldier in South Korea tests positive for coronavirus as the number of cases outside China continues to grow rapidly

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Moderna Therapeutics, a biotech company based in Cambridge, Mass., has shipped the first batches of its COVID-19 vaccine

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7-year-old South Carolina child dies "one minute into" tonsil surgery

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The number of cases in South Korea jumped to over 1,000 on Wednesday, including the first U.S. military soldier to test positive there

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Follow the journey of three escaped baboons who made for an entertaining afternoon in Sydney

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“We’re watching the brutal endgame of the war in Syria as if it has little to do with us. But it does,” writes Angelina Jolie

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“How many mass shootings will it take for Germany to confront its far-right problem?” writes Can Dündar

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The five-year nuclear weapons plan calls for requesting at least $167 billion through 2025

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TIME’s new cover: Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy and the fight for equality now.

This image is created from a historically precise 3-D rendering of King from The March, a virtual reality experience

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