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there’s only ONE MONTH left in the decade. what have you accomplished?

Tweeted 82,600 times. . .

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I donated 100 books to my neighborhood women's club for our silent auction, so now I have to go and make sure the four baskets (thrillers, nonfiction, cozies, global fiction) get the prices they deserve.

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let's play "italian restaurant". imagine you're in an italian restaurant, and let us know what you're going to order. under £30 please and nothing too ritzy. we'll go first:

Venetian Edition: Cichetti, a spritz, then risi e bisi followed by a few moleche, drinking Prosecco throughout.

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Hello, Twitterverse. Please stay warm. Let's all do whatever we can to help those who need shelter from the cold front, too.

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My spouse did not love NEVER LET ME GO and I think this means I have to let *him* go. Please advise, @KennyCoble?

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This is a beautiful travel essay by #YiYunLi for @tmagazine as she explores the Aland islands and considers her own grief:

Required Reading by #YiYunLi.

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If you're book twitter, renovation twitter, anxiety twitter, self doubt twitter, or snack twitter, I'm totally your tweep. Just raise your hand.

::Attempts to raise three hands, fails::

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It's an #amwriting day, thank goodness.

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Good morning, tweeties. I am so glad you're out there in the ether. You have helped this depressive introvert creative move from high-functioning, to healthy. That's something. Thank you, each and every one of you.

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Sold the Hamilton tix. . . I GAVE AWAY MY SHOT.

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Who wants to see Hamilton this Saturday, matinee, NYC? I have two tix available, willing to negotiate on price. . .

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We're making a list and checking it twice to get our swag bags ready for #RHHolidayHouse this Thursday at @TheNewSchool. There are still a few tickets left, make sure to grab yours before they're gone!

Please put mine in the mail. . . ;) Have a wonderful #RHHolidayHouse!

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Also, I know. It's "Veterans Day," not "Veterans' Day." But I can't help the possessive apostrophe; this day belongs to them. I make the same mistake year after year.

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Thank you, servicemembers and families. Thank you, once-LT Patrick. Today, special thanks to those who are veterans, who gave their time and their lives and then thankfully returned to us to be part of our society.

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And so did mine. So did the other spouses' and families' service. 30 years since The Wall fell, and we helped bring it down.

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But The Cold War *was* a form of combat, psychological and symbolic though it often seemed. And we saw that every year during the May Day parades and festivities held on the other side of The Wall, the Soviet side.

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2LT and then 1LT Patrick defended West Berlin along with his fellows and subordinates and superiors. Their service mattered. It made a difference.

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Without going on too long, what those of us who were civilians and spouses saw was not a game, not silly, not lighthearted or farcical. I am not particularly conservative or hawkish, but even I knew our forces in Berlin had a serious purpose.

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I could see the guards from the other side, keeping watch in their towers. I could see their trained dogs, see the barbed wire, see the No Man's Land. From my kitchen. FROM MY KITCHEN.

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