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Singer. Political junkie. I Resist. My new song ‘Superhero’ is OUT NOW. You can find my music here: https://t.co/f4s56IFd24

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Ending today with this. Good night. 💚

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What does it says when an orange bully turns off the lights and hides in a bunker after promoting racism and threatening violence for years because he’s scared of protesters who hate his guts? What does it say? COWARD.

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Quoted @bribrielle_

Art Acevedo, Houston Chief of Police “DONT FOLLOW THAT BULLSHIT”

HELL YES! PREACH! Chief Art Acevedo is one of the good cops.

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Quoted @davidhogg111

Fuck Donald Trump.

Oh David, I agree.

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Jane Fonda has always been woke and in the fight on the frontlines, some of you just chose to see it now.

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Quoted @ACSOSheriffs

Tigers are all accounted for at the Oakland Zoo. They just checked and confirmed.

Another crazy day.

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Quoted @FaezaMoghul


OMG THE whole line took a knee after superior gave the ok.


What an incredible moment. Wow.

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Quite a number of police in Oakland, California were just seen taking a knee with protesters in solidarity. 👊

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Quoted @jaketapper

An unacceptable assault on Freedom of the Press.

Let’s not pretend that Fox News is anything other than propaganda. They aren’t press or journalism. Okay? Okay.

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The United States is burning, it’s sick or dying from a virus, 40 Million are unemployed and here you have the #BunkerBitch hiding away with the lights turned off at the White House like nobody’s home.

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Quoted @ACSOSheriffs

Reports of a Tiger on the loose near the Oakland Zoo. If you see it call 911. 98th Ave at Golf Links.

All hell is breaking loose.

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A devastatingly truthful ad.

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I don’t want to hear GOPers speak about lawlessness or about their opinions of what’s right and what’s wrong when they had their chance to convict and remove an evil lawless criminal racist sexual predator, yet instead, they acquitted him.

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This week has been a long 3 years.

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A protester outside of the White House was asked if he had a message for trump. His answer? 🔥

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I guess Jared Kushner was in charge of planning MAGA Night. Lol.

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Quoted @markknoller

Lights that usually illuminate exterior of the WH have been turned off.

The #BunkerBitch had the lights turned off to pretend like no one is home. What a pathetic coward.

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Racist birtherism caused bullets to fly at the White House during Barack Obama’s Presidency. That lie put the Obama family at risk. I’ll be damned if I ever show an ounce of sympathy for the White Supremacist and his trashy trophy wife who helped spread that lie. NOPE.

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I see some fluff piece reporters writing articles about how “shaken” trump and his family are because of the size of the crowd of protesters outside of the White House.

America is shaken. I don’t give a shit about how he or his disgusting family feels, do you?

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This is a song I recorded in 2017. It’s called ‘I’m so Sorry.’

Wanted to share it in tribute for everyone whose lost their lives from Coronavirus and their families.

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