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Whether you’re a king or a street sweeper, we all gotta dance with the grim reaper.

Brooklyn, NY

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Finally found a flyer for my first hardcore show (on the top) shout out to @dan_goldberg for tracking this down. I believe it was 1997.

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Um, the people of Puerto Rico are carrying a guillotine to the Governor’s mansion right now.

Can someone give them a lift to DC?

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New music Friday, what’s good?

@HigherPowerUK dropped today, what else?

The new @theestallion track is 🔥.

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Anyone have experience taking edibles before getting tattooed?


Okay, y’all had me shook so I didn’t do it, I went raw dog. However, it was the most pleasant tattoo experience I’ve ever had, I feel truly blessed.

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Woman standing in front of me on train is breastfeeding.

Replying to @LanceStorm: She found something useful to do, maybe you should too.

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She found something useful to do, maybe you should too.

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@TravisReilly As long as you don't share them with the tattoo artist... 😨

What’s wrong with both of us being relaxed?

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we here and we dressed to maim.
who's coming out to make party tonight with us and @TheLionessMusic @nikkijean @DJKeezy612


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I see that look in your eye. Keep your furry orange paws off my son, you son of a bitch (amazing find by @SteveSmithLHH).

Photo of the 13 year old boy seconds before being punched in the back by @GrittyNHL. #Isles

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My short lived modeling career in 2010, check out that helmet.

📸: @BradWalsh

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@TravisReilly Agreed!! @SWStheband said they were gonna be in Chicago for their tour, ended up being in Joliet!

Apologize to this man, @JackSWS.

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I’m far from a hip hop guru, but I could listen to hours of the @JoeBuddenPod regardless of what they’re talking about. CC: @ThisIsRory, @MAL___.

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@TravisReilly It’s probably targeted to folks with access to the internet

What the fuck is the Internet?

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@TravisReilly Dude or band/wrestling shows that don’t say what city or state just a venue name?

Right? Put the date, year, city, state, and venue on that shit. What’s the worst that can happen, people show up??

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I mean, I can kindaaaaaa understand it when it’s an arena tour & the poster says Brooklyn, you know it’s gonna be at Barclays Center, but for smaller tours, the fuck are you doing?

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Very intrigued by the new trend where bands post tour posters and don’t include the venue on it.

Ask a punk 2020.

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BREAKING NEWS from @ShawnMichaels himself:

@tonistorm_ vs. @shirai_io is happening T O N I G H T on #WWENXT, LIVE on @USA_Network! #WWETheBump

Ohhhh, that doesn’t suck.

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Every Monday at work.

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