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@Vik__Sahay C'mon people--it's all in the binder! #SaveLodge49

I meaaaaaaan....EVERYTHING! in the binder.

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"I can see what this place is. I can feel it. can't you?" #SaveLodge49 #lodge49forever #joinlodge49

SO beautiful, Alex!


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Tarquin -

"This is the vivisection. Flay the skin. You have one chance!"


vivisection [viv″ĭ-sek´shun]
~surgical procedures performed upon a living animal for purpose of physiologic or pathologic investigation...

an excellence by @RDTune1 ..

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I'm going to start mentioning #Jeffster as one of my all time favorite bands and see who knows what I'm talking about. #Chuck #chuckster #chucksterforlife #Chuckster4life @Vik__Sahay @Scott_Krinsky

..... .......literally no one.

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Scott Morrison has announced the arts department will be rolled into a department that will also oversee roads and rail.

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Love letter❤️ by Miracle Jones to @Lodge49 "An Acroamatic Masterpiece Dispatched to This Wounded Earth by Dexterous Angels" #SaveLodge49 #Lodge49 #lodge49forever #JoinLodge49

Please read this whole thing. Sometimes a piece of writing-in-essay-form rows up next t’you, with such meaning, Rothian power, such vulnerable, open raw truth...about art, about television, about americana, about identity, about capsizes ya with mirror’like recognition.

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@Vik__Sahay ahhh this is my edit!! I wasn't expecting you to repost it at all, thank you so so much, ima go cry now :')

I mentioned twas yers on insta, didn't transfer here ~ 'tis brillsville! @nasimpcdrad

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....playboy shizzle.

#savelodge49 #joinlodge49 #lodge49 .
Posted withrepost • @belIesrumple I'm alone in a lodge 49 bubble over here and tbh I'm winning
please please tv gods #savelodge49
bring my two…

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@Vik__Sahay Those curtains! The type of lodge looks like the black lodge! #TwinPeaks

you’re....focusing on the curtains?..welp, that’s my presence and charisma at work, folks. sigh.

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I refuse to reveal any details about my personal life.

#savelodge49 #lodge49forever

this may be true both of the character prowling that stage... AND...the thing that inhabited him..

#SaveLodge49 #lodge49forever

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It’s a loss for Democrats that Kamala is dropping out. But it’s a huge fucking problem for trump that she can now focus all her time on Senate work. We desperately need a fighter in the Senate in the coming weeks.

wow...but bingo! @KamalaHarris

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This means a lot coming from such a voracious mind...

well, there’s a tone in the writing, a simplicity, and warmth, and openness…a truth, a sense of nostalgia, reflection…that is a knife’s edge to get right. sometimes when art makes you smile/laugh, it can almost mask what skill it took to achieve. wanna read you more, kid.

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#SaveLodge49 #Lodge49Forever @netflix @HBO @PrimeVideo @hulu @AMC_TV @SUBWAY
Make sure this👆is in every tweet.

Lodge 49 is one of the best shows on tv but it has been pulled. The quality of writing & acting is phenomenal & we need to work together to reverse this action.

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