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Can you find Elijah? Happy #Pesach from the Frankens.

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I’m so sad about my friend Hal Willner. A brilliant and sweet man. This is so hard.

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I can draw a map of the US by hand, & there's been an uptick in domestic violence during the #pandemic. How are they related? Click on the link & you can learn to draw the map & enter my raffle to win the signed map. Proceeds go to @womensadvocates.

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Last week @DrLeanaWen - Prof at GW School of Public Health - taped my Podcast on her due date! Did her water break during the taping? Listen:

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Quoted @NicolleDWallace

Thank you @alfranken

It was my pleasure. Thank you @nicolledwallace for getting the facts out there.

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This wk @DrLeanaWen is my guest. Prof at GW School of Public Health, and fmr. Baltimore PH Commissioner, Wen, who served an arguably crazy mayor gives insight into the dilemma faced by Drs. Fauci & Birx w/an inarguably crazy president.

On iTunes at:

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Yesterday, Vice President Pence put on a maddening six-minute display of obfuscation that will guarantee him, upon retirement, an immediate and unanimous selection into the Toady Hall of Fame. Here's my piece ridiculing him. #TrumpPressBriefing

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I'm covering the virus on The Al Franken Podcast. But sometimes you gotta take a break for a laugh. Humbly suggest my podcast with @ConanOBrien. It's just dumb, funny stuff.

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Quoted @ASlavitt

The first episode of #IntheBubble is up. It’s a podcast we should all be able to listen to as a nation with our whole families in the times we are in. I’m so happy to bring it to you. I really hope you like it.

Listen here:

Andy has been a powerful and important voice on the #pandemic over the last couple months. Check out his new podcast, #IntheBubble. His opening literally moved me to tears.

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It is unconscionable that Trump is not keeping the ACA exchanges open for enrollment. Congress needs to go back and reopen. Better yet, Congress should extend Medicaid to anyone laid off because of the pandemic.

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For those of you looking for something to listen to at home, I've put together a Spotify list of some of my favorite @GratefulDead songs. Actually I put it together because I was going crazy looking for something to do! And this really helped!!!

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It's Dad's 112th birthday! All who knew Joe Franken loved him, including & especially me & my brother, Owen, (Mom too!!!) Dad's dad died in 1924 of TB, so Dad never graduated high school. A humble, but wonderful man & great dad! Love him & miss him.

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This week on the Podcast, Obama admin. economist @Austan_Goolsbee discusses the only possible upside of a "virus recession" versus a "normal recession." #coronavirus

Google Play:

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This week on the Podcast, Obama admin. economist @Austan_Goolsbee discusses "virus economics" & the course of action a normal person (not Trump) would take. #pandemic



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Sometimes it's best not to overlook the obvious.

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Happy to support Jersey Day for St. Louis Park HS SPIRIT week. And, oddly, it was St. Louis Park Day in Jersey. Chuck Foreman #44 @Vikings great RB. #COVIDSPIRITWEEKSLP

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This week, @ASlavitt, former Medicare/Medicaid chief joins my podcast to discuss the #pandemic. Here Slavitt talks about how horrific it's going to be watching TV in the coming months. #COVID19 #CoronaVirusUSA

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It's time to stop taking Trump seriously and to start taking him literally.

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