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On Jan. 20, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman should be reinstated at the rank of colonel & awarded the Medal of Honor for his valor by President Biden. #VindmanIsAPatriot

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This week on the Podcast, two Texas teenagers ask Dem election lawyer @marceelias to win them the right to #VoteByMail. In this hilarious clip, Elias makes the kind of obvious case that Republicans have no case.

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Was on @JoyAnnReid’s MSNBC show last night. Here's me…

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Want a chance to win a virtual cocktail party with me and @SarahKSilverman and help black and brown owned businesses in Mpls? Then watch this and then click the link below!!!

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Started a new hobby during this period. Ventriloquism! Getting pretty good, if I do say so myself!

I now challenge @SarahKSilverman and @NormOrnstein to post a picture of yourself in a mask and tag #WearADamnMask.

And thx for the challenge, @BobBalaban!

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This week on the Podcast,two Texas teenagers ask Dem. SuperLawyer @marceelias to win them the right to vote by mail so they can avoid getting #COVID19 & killing their grandparents. Here, I apologize to them for the current mess.

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Quoted @FrankLuntz

These words are inscribed on the wall at Auschwitz, where a memorial is maintained so we never forget.

Leaving most monuments in place while stating the inhumanities associated with them is a better lesson for future generations than tearing them down indiscriminately in anger.

Whatever your position on Washington and Jefferson monuments - Auschwitz is not a monument. It’s the site of a concentration camp. It has gas chambers and ovens. Obscene comparison.

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This week on the Podcast, two Texas teenagers ask Dem SuperLawyer @marceelias to win them the right to #VoteByMail. Here they ask Al and Marc how to persuade moderate Republicans to vote for Biden.

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On this #FourthofJuly, a very special 7-minute Al Franken Podcast: A Conversation with Thomas Jefferson- The Founding Father of Several Bi-Racial kids.

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Some thoughts on my friend Carl Reiner.

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Me and Carl at, his house. Simply put, he was a hero to everyone in comedy.

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Once again the question the Trump WH must answer is: “What could the president have plausibly not known and when could he have plausibly not known it?”

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My friend St. Paul Mayor @melvincarter3 is my guest on The Podcast. The son of a cop and the city’s first black mayor talks about the paradox of relying on police to keep order during protests of the murder of a black man by cop.

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This week on The Podcast, a good one for a change! @melvincarter3, St. Paul’s 1st Black mayor and the son of a cop, talks about race, police, systemic racism, and the legacy of slavery.

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Quoted @thehill

Sen. Tom Cotton on #DCstatehood: "Would you trust Mayor Bowser to keep Washington safe if she were given the powers of a governor? Would you trust Marion Barry?"

And you, @TomCottonAR, would you trust Donald Trump to be President?

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Want to have virtual cocktails with me and @SarahKSilverman and help a good cause? Then click below. If not, I’ll see you in hell!

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This week, @davidlitt, the guy who supervised Obama’s last several WH Correspondents Dinner speeches, discusses all the disgusting stuff the GOP does to undermine democracy in a fascinating and funny way!

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It's time to stop taking Trump seriously and to start taking him literally.

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