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🕒 Quick grocery trip
🛒 Smart shopping cart
✅ Skip checkout lines

Our new Amazon Dash Cart is here. A smart shopping cart that makes your quick grocery trip even quicker, allowing you to skip the checkout line. Rolling out in California this year.

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We’re all in on The Climate Pledge, our commitment to be net zero carbon by 2040. To learn more, visit our blog. #ClimatePledge

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.@ClimateArena from Amazon, Oak View Group & NHL Seattle will include:

💧 Greenest ice in the NHL using rainwater
🌽 75% of food sourced locally from farmers & producers
🚎 NHL Seattle & WNBA tickets double as free public transit passes


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spark conversation and exploration about how we—as individuals, teams, and a company—can continue to be active participants in dismantling systemic racism, oppression, and inequality. Our work is not done, and we still have a long way to go. (2/2)

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Juneteenth is an opportunity to pause, recognize, and cement this moment in our national history. To do this, we’ve raised the Pan-African flag at our Seattle HQ and provided Amazonians around the world access to online learning tools and resources intended to (1/2)

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Amazon applauds the Supreme Court's decision to protect DACA. DREAMers are critical to America’s family & economy, & we are grateful for those who've helped us create & innovate. We'll continue to push for laws that honor their contributions & allow a path to citizenship.

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Christine’s an Amazon Seasonal Sortation Associate and mom with a passion for helping people. She’s proud to look out for her team’s health through daily temp checks and her care for others is an inspiration to her son. See more Amazon stories on our blog.

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Replying to @amazonnews: We applaud SCOTUS’s decision to protect LGBTQ employees from discrimination. This is a historic win in our nation’s long st…

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We applaud SCOTUS’s decision to protect LGBTQ employees from discrimination. This is a historic win in our nation’s long struggle to ensure fairness & equal treatment for all. As the fight for full equality continues, we stand proudly with our public & private sector allies.

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Janelle’s a proud Area Manager and even prouder mom. She knows how important staying safe for your family is and has been taking care of her work family too—shipping millions of masks to teams across our network. See more Amazon stories on our blog.

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Amazon stands in solidarity with the Black community — we remain steadfast in our support for our employees, customers, partners, and the communities where they live and work. And we stand in support of organizations that are making a difference.

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Like many, Ricardo works to support what matters most: his family. He’s an Amazon Seasonal Sortation Associate who’s proud to provide for his young daughter and enjoys the opportunity to learn new skills. See more Amazon stories on our blog.

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Rising to the challenge is what our people do, like Kent, an Area Manager working to support his young son. He knows people depend on him for their groceries and products, and he’s proud to deliver for them. See more employee stories on our blog.

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So many Amazon employees, like Oscar, have risen to the challenges before them. He’s an Amazon Delivery Associate working to support his newborn baby, and takes pride in delivering packages safely for his community. See more employee stories on our blog.

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Quoted @KellyClarksonTV

🤗 We are ALL family 🤗 A special QUARaoke shoutout to all the grocery clerks, delivery drivers, law enforcement, restaurant staff, and MANY others keeping us safe and sane! Share to thank an essential worker 💗

🎶: @SisterSledge_ #kellyoke

Thanks @KellyClarksonTV for this awesome tribute to everyone keeping us safe, including our associates and delivery drivers.

A big thank you to all essential workers who are serving their community right now 🤗 and our partners at Veteran Delivery Service for the fun moves! 🕺

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Quoted @voguemagazine

With #CVFFACommonThread as inspiration, Vogue, the @CFDA, and @AmazonFashion have partnered on a digital storefront, Common Threads: Vogue x Amazon Fashion, to help connect American designers affected by the pandemic directly with consumers. (3/6)

We've teamed up with @voguemagazine and @CFDA on a digital storefront that connects small and medium-sized fashion businesses to customers around the country, along with a $500K donation that supports the many people that make up the fashion industry.

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Employees like Jerome make sure new hires are set up for success, whether long-term or short-term. For more info, visit our blog.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, people around the country are taking comfort in titles and tunes they enjoyed decades ago – nostalgic favorites from classics to throwbacks. Here’s a look at some of the music 🎵, movies 📼, and books 📚 people are rediscovering at home.

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We don’t just think big, we do big. We’ve shipped over 100 million masks to our network and we’re spending $4 billion to keep employees safe and get people what they need. We’ll never stop doing our part:

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