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Not sure where to look when researching your family history before 1870? For #BHM, @HenryLouisGates Jr discusses tips for finding more about your ancestors while enslaved or as free people of color.

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Happy President's Day! Today is a day we recognize all the Presidents who have served America. Do you have a favorite President?

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FREE ACCESS now through Presidents Day! Find your connection with the past in the largest online newspaper archive.

Use this link for free access:

(*Free access ends 17 February 2020 at 11:59 PM MT.)

Amazing opportunity to sift through newspapers!

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Happy Valentine's Day!

What's the most beautiful love story in your family?

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Today's the 75th anniversary of the #WWII Allied bombing of Dresden, Germany. It killed 25,000 people (with some estimates much higher) and leveled much of the city. This photo shows Dresden before the war.

See the photo in @TheWindsorStar on our site:

By searching through Ancestry® records, you can see that this death toll took place in only a 3 day period.

This year is the 75th anniversary of many WWII moments. Do you have a family member who served in the war?

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John and Peter were always curious about their pasts, and were touched to find out both their families had similar experiences coming over from Greece.

Watch more moving journeys of self discovery in @NBCNewLeaf!

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Have you ever hit a brick wall in your family history research? Have you discovered a slaveholder who shared the last name of your ancestor? If so, for #BHM @HenryLouisGates provides some tips on where to look next.

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'1917' Lead George MacKay Has Surprise Connection to Film's Setting

We were able to discover this surprise connection the @1917 film star has with the story behind the movie!

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Ancestry® honors #BHM by highlighting African American historical figures who fought for universal suffrage.

Sojourner Truth was a voice for suffrage for all, despite the strife between abolitionists and women’s suffrage supporters. Read more here:

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Ancestry® honors #BHM by highlighting African American figures who fought for universal suffrage.

Henry Highland Garnet was the first Black person to speak in front of the U.S. House of Representatives. Read more about him here:

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Is there a movie in your family tree?

Sam Mendes, director of @1917, was originally inspired by tales from his grandfather Alfred H Mendes. This is a record showing the medals Alfred H Mendes was awarded in WWI.

What film would you make from your family history?

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When Sylvia West found a picture of her great-great-grandmother Molly, she was overwhelmed and empowered by the story she uncovered.

Watch more beautiful discoveries in @NBCNewLeaf!

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For #BHM, we partnered with @attn to get historian and genealogy expert, Dr. @HenryLouisGates, to set the record straight on African American family history misconceptions.

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Replying to @HenryLouisGates: I’d like to thank our #FindingYourRoots sponsors @JNJNews, @ATT, and @Ancestry. These stories would not be possible wi…

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I’d like to thank our #FindingYourRoots sponsors @JNJNews, @ATT, and @Ancestry. These stories would not be possible without your support!

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Ancestry® honors #BHM by highlighting African American figures who fought for universal suffrage.

Frederick Douglass helped change attitudes about slavery, and fought alongside leading abolitionists to win freedom and the right to vote. Read more:

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For this week's #WeirdFindsWednesdays, we found the will of a man who wants an "umpire" to help decide on any disagreements. That's taking the love of the game to the next level!

Find the whole record here on Ancestry®:

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For #BHM, Ancestry® wants to honor two major milestones surrounding voting rights equity. 2020 is the 150th anniversary of the 15th Amendment, and also the 100th anniversary of the 19th. Read about the road African Americans took to claim that right here:

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Ancestry® Year in Review! You added 330 million photos and documents.

Which family photos and personal records will you add to Ancestry® this year?

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When Jessica found out she was pregnant, she decided she wanted to learn more about her roots, so she could pass that on for the next generation. Ancestry® was proud to help her on that journey.

Watch more moving stories of discovery in @nbcnewleaf

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