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Man. Aspiring everything-er. Podcasts. Music & Concerts. Health & Fitness. Fashion. Sports & more Sports! Lover not a fighter. Pretty easy on the eyes, I think.

Houston, TX

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which four rappers would you pick to be on hip-hop's mount rushmore?

Replying to @JimNorton: Marky Mark, Kevin Federline, Macklemore and Debbie Harry

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Marky Mark, Kevin Federline, Macklemore and Debbie Harry

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Whoa what happened @sbarro? Where’s the Italian flag in your logo? Don’t tell me you gave up on your Italian heritage for some sleek and sexy look!
#saturday #nonsense #sbarro #italianfood #italy #pizza #thegalleria

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Replying to @Delisketo: Meanwhile in Thailand

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Meanwhile in Thailand

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Happy Valentine’s ladies. This is me looking straight on, to the left, AND to the right. Oh, and the robe? As seductive as it may seem, totally not my intention. I’ve been sick all week and am trying to get well for…

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Thursday evening tunes. New album from Houston’s own, one of the best out of Htown:
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This Sunday folks. It’s going to be a fun one. End your Valentine’s weekend with me at the Little Dipper, 304 Main Street from 6pm-9pm. Sweet vinyl tunes. Great drinks. Great times. What more can you ask for? Hope…

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Enter to win tickets to see Deftones. @945thebuzz #WinDeftonesTickets

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Replying to @fattonyrap: my live rap show is very good (unbiased) invite me over @kexp @kcrw

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my live rap show is very good (unbiased) invite me over @kexp @kcrw

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I just checked YouTube, hoping there’d be a new, surprise episode. It looks like .@ChipChipperson wasn’t Chippin’ us after all. No Gotcha Gotcha moments this night.
#prayforchip #chipchipperson

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.@tdlrlicense your “judges” aren’t even watching the fights. Just happy to be there at #UFC247 I suppose. Once again our great state of Texas looks like a joke because your “judges” can’t do their jobs adequately at best. @ufc @danawhite

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Saturday morning tunes. Sweet sweet sweet collab. from two of Texas’ finest.
#vinyl #ep #nowspinning
#khruangbin #leonbridges #texassun #deadoceans #deadoceansrecords #collaboration #vinylrecords #vinylcollection

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