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Celebrity, After Dinner Speaker, Award winner and writer, Author and writer of the Inspector Marsden Mysteries series of novellas. Also award winning winner.

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@Arthur_Strong Here he is lighting that fag 😉

Stop it

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Out for my evening #Drakeford. A cow is staring me out.

Keep perfectly still and slowly start to walk backwards.

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Lockdown Joke of the Day Part 1 from Baz #barrycryer #isihac #QuarantineLife

The Barry Cryer!

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Replying to @MJowen174: Maybe we deserve to be wiped out as a species.

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"Listen, my dad has a copy of Bowie's "I Dig Everything" in original sleeve, unplayed."

I’ve just sucked a wooden lollipop stick

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@Arthur_Strong I was just listening to the radio show in which your ferrules may have been pitted. Do you still have the uncanny ability to 'think like a fish'?

I think so

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@Arthur_Strong My latest banana! Yay or nay? x

What is wrong with you Jane?

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Maybe we deserve to be wiped out as a species.

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You never hear Colonel Sir Tom Moore and @Arthur_Strong in the same room, do you? 🤔


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@Arthur_Strong was this you?

No. It was Richard Oliver Durrant.

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@Arthur_Strong Oh come on now, it’s cape Caernarfon , Euston we have a problem, don’t like the suits they look like they are going on a motorbike, one giant sleep for mankind, god speed Glenn close , ok I will shut up now

Steve needs help someone!

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@Arthur_Strong good evening sir , are you watching the rocket launch tonight ?


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@Arthur_Strong This had better be good; just ordered half a case

It is. If you like a Rhône wine.

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Grey won’t go to bed he wants to watch Count Arthur Strong @Arthur_Strong

Same here

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@Arthur_Strong The occasional windscreen wiper fluid?

Fine wines from the Rhône Valley

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@Arthur_Strong How about a white? Maybe a chardonnay?


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Don’t you mean a pint?

No. I mean I’ll be down there at 9 am Leslie

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I’ll be down there at 9am Leslie

Don’t you mean a pint?

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@Arthur_Strong When does Wanda wander, I wonder

Well if we knew the answer to that..

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@Arthur_Strong I was a wine specialist for @waitrose and one wine which unexpectedly blew me away was this Californian (Lodi) Zinfandel ( USA Primitivo). Rich damson and black currant which gets better by every mouth
Might be worth a punt

I’ll be down there at 9am Leslie

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@Arthur_Strong I myself love a wander, as does my wife (Wanda)

Which begs the question, Would I enjoy a wonder with Wanda?

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Dave Mounfield.

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