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Down goes Steve King! Down goes Steve King! A ray of light in the darkness. The country needed this good news. And thank you to Iowa Republican voters for restoring my faith a little. Now on to the general election - @JDScholten is going to win this thing!

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I went out right before LA curfew and saw armored vehicles in the streets & stores boarded up. 108,000 dead from Coronavirus. 40 million unemployed. If I had told you this was the dystopian future we would have under Trump you would have said I was being hyperbolic. Here we are.

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Once @realDonaldTrump poll numbers dip even lower other Republican politicians will start to panic about their own general elections. It's even beginning to happen now. Then some of those will turn on him and break the bubble of right-wing unity and send Trump numbers even lower.

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Trump is in massive political trouble. You'll soon see disastrous poll numbers. You have the worst pandemic of our lifetimes and US was hit the hardest. You have some of the worst civil unrest of our lifetimes. And 40 million unemployed. Even low-information voters can see this.

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!!! @RepEliotEngel heard on hot mic asking @rubendiazjr for a turn to speak, says twice, "If I didn't have a primary, I wouldn't care."

Diaz responds, "Don't do that to me."

(h/t @News12BX livestream)

It’s over. @JamaalBowmanNY must win this race!!! This is an accountability moment for the press. Will they cover this outrageous revelation of @RepEliotEngel? If they don’t condemn him for this, outlets like @nytimes are complicit.

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It’s a verifiable fact that Republicans are more ignorant than the rest of us. The media won’t call this out because of political correctness. But if you’re in the party that doesn’t believe in science you’re in the party of dummies. It’s so embarrassing to be a Republican.

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This is one of the worst nights for our country that any of us has ever known. Stories later today will be grim. We're all complicit. But cowardly, divisive leadership in this WH is where the buck stops. See him. This bankrupt & criminal failure of a pissant half man. This fraud.

On top of everything else, he's holding the Bible upside down like it's a prop he's never seen before.

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ABC/wapo: "45 percent of strong conservatives, four in 10 Republicans and nearly as many evangelical Christians say they’d be unlikely to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, even for free"

It's so embarrassing to be a Republican. It is literally a party for the ignorant. They don't believe in science and believe things that are just not true. If you're a smart, educated person how do you admit to being a Republican in public? It's a mark of shame.

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Tomorrow’s @nytimes tonight (first edition):

As Chaos Spreads, Trump Vows to “End It Now”


What the mainstream won't acknowledge is that @nytimes has been doing this same crap in favor of the establishment forever. It's just that when they suck up to power in the Trump era, it looks particularly disgusting. This was how they covered the entire Bush era.

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The culture of “thin blue line” is toxic. It encourages supporting lawless and unethical behavior. Colleagues in any other profession would have asked their co-worker to get off of George Floyd but cops have a culture of unquestioningly supporting terrible behavior.

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Quoted @ASlavitt

In Trump’s speech invoking Insurrection Act, why did he nod to the Second Amendment?

Because he wants vigilante violence from his side. There was absolutely no other reason to mention 2nd Amendment in that speech. This is what fascists do, they replace the law with armed supporters who are only accountable to them.

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Quoted @tommiesunshine

the hundreds of NYPD officers I’ve seen tonight on the streets of New York ALL have their badge numbers covered up with electrical tape. this is no longer a police force, these are stormtroopers & this is fascism.

You dress them up like stormtroopers and soon they start acting like stormtroopers.

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Can the mainstream media end their cowardly deference to the Republican Party & admit if they still back @realDonaldTrump now that they are also 100% responsible for all of his horrible actions? If they don’t challenge him now, there is no difference between Trump & entire @GOP.

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Is the military authorized to shoot and kill American citizens according to Trump’s Rose Garden declaration? Asking for a friend and the whole country. Are we at war ... with us?

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And, if necessary, the 10th Mountain, 82nd Airborne, 1st Cav, 3rd Infantry—whatever it takes to restore order. No quarter for insurrectionists, anarchists, rioters, and looters.

This will be helpful to remember if Democrats regain the White House. Biggest domestic terrorists in America are almost all right-wing groups according to the FBI and ADL. Good to know we can use unlimited military force on them.

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We spent a decade warning about pitchforks. The establishment thought we were the radicals. No, we were warning you this was inevitable if there wasn't systemic change. But you didn't do a thing. Now we have pitchforks in the streets. The powerful did this through their inaction.

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WATCH: At today’s #RacialJusticeForumCO, John @Hickenlooper & I were asked what #BlackLivesMatter means to each of us. For me, it means acknowledging & addressing the structural racism that has plagued our nation since before its founding.

My answer below; Hick’s follows. #cosen

Here is @Hickenlooper opponent, former Speaker of the House in Colorado, @Romanoff2020 with a much better answer, explaining the specific ways he has tried to help while acknowledging none of us have done enough because the same problem still persists.

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Every life matters is not a great answer by @Hickenlooper here. He said nothing about the unique and ugly way African-Americans have been treated by police & society. Moderate Democrats like him are exactly the folks who have not shown the courage to change the system.

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Quoted @realDonaldTrump


... he screams into the ether from his underground bunker.

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Replying to @JayarJackson: The president that is considered tough by his supporters, rage tweeted and threatened Americans' lives, then went and hid…

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The president that is considered tough by his supporters, rage tweeted and threatened Americans' lives, then went and hid in an underground bunker.
This is your alpha male?

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