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So basically, this argument is the equivalent of a rich old stingy man saying he won't give to charity anymore. It's an Ebenezer Scrooge defense. It's also very Donald Trump, who is even worse than Scrooge in that he STEALS from charities.

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The argument that America is a "sucker" who always has to pay for things, as just made by Trump, resonates with voters who struggle paycheck to paycheck. But America is one of the richest countries -- or historically has been -- in the world.

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Trump is going to speak today post-impeachment vote in what I am sure will be a very calm, rational, well-articulated set of remarks.

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So sad to see that Danny Aiello has died, a tremendous actor who could do both fiery and gentle with ease, as he proved as Sal in Do the Right Thing and mama's boy Johnny Cammarreri in Moonstruck.

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At this time, I would like to note that the Game of Thrones phrase bend the knee just worked its way into the impeachment hearing.

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Thinking about all the times in meetings where men dominated the conversation and how great it would have been if I could just move to strike the last word, then start speaking.

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I somehow did not know this documentary existed until a couple of minutes ago and it's in my Showtime press screener queue and yeah, I'm probably going to watch it this very second.

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Quoted @alisonwillmore

Here is @vulture's big best/worst/middlest movies of the decade list, a collaboration between @angelicabastien, @BilgeEbiri, David Edelstein, and me that's got a little something to enrage everyone

Vulture, where our editorial motto is Completist AF.

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It feels like no one ever talks on the phone anymore until you're on a non-quiet car on Amtrak with business travelers who are constantly taking work calls.

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One thing I didn't include in the piece: I also interviewed Ernie and Bert. I asked them to explain the yellow feathers on their lapels. The puppeteers paused, since they were in character.

Then Bert said: "This is in honor of a very close and dear friend of Big Bird's." 😥

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My report from the Kennedy Center Honors, which has convinced me that all red carpets should always include Muppets, Tom Hanks, and Rita Wilson.

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Bombshell is 2019's Explosion at the Wig Factory.

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Quoted @Ghostbusters

Everything happens for a reason. Watch the new trailer for #Ghostbusters: Afterlife, in theaters next summer.

Wow, Stranger Things 4 looks like it's going to be good.

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Elmo on the #kennedycenterhonors red carpet. The yellow feather on his lapel is in honor of Caroll Spinney.

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Big Bird is not doing interviews. Took a few photos and went inside. Dressed in a tux top with bow tie. #kennedycenterhonors

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The @CriticsChoice nominations, in film and TV, have been announced. Lots of Irishman love on the film side and happy to see, in TV, several noms for Watchmen.

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I'm pretty sure Tom Hanks is going to be at the Kennedy Center Honors tonight to pay tribute to Sally Field. The idea of "Mister Rogers" being there on the same night as the Sesame Street folks ... look, I'm just saying I might cry on the red carpet.

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This is in the documentary, but here's video of Spinney, as Big Bird, singing "It's Not Easy Being Green" at Jim Henson's funeral. If you've never seen this, prepare for your heart to crack into a million pieces.

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Am I watching Veep?

Or is this The Americans?

Wait ... you're saying the TV isn't even ON right now?

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