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Creator of A Million Little Things, Growing Up Fisher and Truth Be Told. (That’s my blind dad driving that snowmobile.)

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Replying to @sassygirlcanada: If you're a fan of @AMillionABC (I was hooked the moment I saw a clip of the show's premiere at the #RogersUpfronts in…

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I’ve watched @AMillionABC since the very first episode! It’s one of my favorite shows! I am invested in every single character and every single story. And this week we get to meet @florianalima as Darcy! I cannot wait!!! @heydjnash #AMillionLittleThings

She is on a week from Thursday. But don’t miss this week’s episode.

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If you're a fan of @AMillionABC (I was hooked the moment I saw a clip of the show's premiere at the #RogersUpfronts in Toronto!), you have to follow @heydjnash, the show's creator. His tweets about what storylines/characters are based on are amazing! #AMillionLittleThings

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@heydjnash Good cause these guys only use her for legal help and ignore her when she’s sad.

Wait for it.

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The day my dog’s ashes arrived my song came running down the stairs, yelling, “Dad, Dad, her ashes are here.” I said, “I know, pal. It’s a little sad, huh?” To which he said, “No it’s not. She’s home.” Love that little man.

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When @AMillionABC first aired, I didn't think I'd be able to watch something that surrounded the suicide of a best friend..I didn't want to be triggered by my TV...I never could have imagined it would help heal me. Thank you @heydjnash and the whole cast!!!

It is stories like this that keep me going. Thank you for sharing.

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It was an adults-only drink at a bar. We protect those three like they were our own.

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@heydjnash a question. if @greene_lizzy is very amazing and very interesting

She’s delightful and no matter what we write for her, she can pull it off. Dancing, softball, driving... she works hard and nails it. And she and @stephshortstak have one of the longest and most moving scenes of the series in this week’s episode.

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@heydjnash God Bless ur sweet soul! Ur amazing!

Well that’s very nice.

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Interesting to have a show where the central character doesn't appear on the show anymore & remains central. The ensemble is fantastic. Still, a little Ron Livingston here & there would be great. He was center promo w/ Roday. They brought me in but ensemble kept me! @heydjnash

He’s back in 217. But yes, that’s the whole point. This group lost its North Star. I actually made Ron Number 1 on the call sheet because I wanted to be reminded every day that I lost my friend. Everyone else in the series is alphabetical.

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@heydjnash Can we have an episode number? Just for clarification. Thank you.

216. A week from Thursday.

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@heydjnash I swear sometimes it's harder to get over the loss of a pet than a person..pets give unconditional love and loyalty!

When those dogs came into my life, I wasn’t a TV writer.

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@heydjnash wait,,.so shes in 2.15 'the lunch' and not 2.16 'change of plans'? 👀

No she’s in 216. My bad.

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@heydjnash anything you can tease??👀

For those of you who wanted Katherine to have a friend, she’s here.

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@heydjnash Will actress Floriana Lima join the cast of the series?

She joins us next episode!

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Definitely bummed, but @heydjnash you mentioned 4 stops, are they all the same, students only? If not can you tell us what cities? Otherwise I may enroll in classes.... 🤔🤓📚🎟 #AMillionLittleThings #Millionaires #LuckyStudents #WeStillLoveYou 💕

They’re all for students. It’s a really good cause so I understand why our publicity folks decided to do it this way.

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@heydjnash I'm curious to know who the character of Sophie is based on? Love all your tweets that share who/what the characters and storylines are based on! #AMillionLittleThings

Sophie’s not based on any one person. She’s based on a bunch of kids I have known who have bravely dealt with the loss of a parent. On the show, she’s named after the flight attendant who wouldn’t let Jon board his flight. In real life, she is named after my late dog on the left.

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@heydjnash will we see Eric again?

Hope so. Depends on @JasonRitter’s schedule. But you can see him Tuesday when he joins us on our panel at @paleycenter

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@heydjnash will we see how Danny deals with Elliott being gone in future episodes or next season

For sure. Love is tough. It’s even tougher when you’re 12. And gay.

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@heydjnash Love that the character of Theo is coming out of his shell more and not bottling things up. I can definitely relate to that. Who is he based on?

This kid I know who calls me Dad.

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