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New history of Christianity - ‘Dominion’ - out now! Dinosaur lover. Stonehenge Tunnel hater. A 'leading English cricketer' - The Times


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""Everything is permissible" - but not everything is beneficial. "Everything is permissible" - but not everything is constructive."

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I mean, it's not as if there isn't plenty that could be said by bishops about l'affaire Cummings that didn't make them sound exactly like everyone else on Twitter.

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Quoted @ruinofbritain

Seems apropos from @holland_tom regarding what is so banal about CoE Bishops commenting on Dominic Cummings.

"I see no point in bishops or preachers or Christian evangelists just recycling the kind of stuff that you can get from any soft-left liberal..."

Ha - having forgotten I'd said this, I'm relieved to find that I completely agree with myself.

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@holland_tom He did warn against pandemics. The blog was changed to gear towards coronaviruses specifically.

Let’s at least stick to the truth when factchecking.

Fair point.

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That said, if there’s an alternative explanation, I’m happy to hear it.

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Quoted @Andrew_Adonis

The saga of Mr Cummings rewriting his blogs to claim he warned about pandemics, when he didn’t, is I suspect just the first of many things he said yesterday which will unravel

While I’d hesitate to cast a stone against someone who had a sick wife & a small child, stood at the epicentre of a national tragedy, & was no doubt acting under the most terrible pressure, this is the detail that seems to leave no doubt he’s a total fraudster

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“In the 14th century, writing in the vernacular was itself an international fashion” - Marion Turner

#Chaucer wrote in English, not because he was insular, but for precisely the opposite reason: because he was cosmopolitan

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Quoted @jwiechers

Cummings said he warned about i.a. corona virus in 2019.

Thing is, he didn't. References to SARS and corona virus were added to his blog post on pandemic risks sometime between April and May of this year.

Ahhhh - so THAT’S how you become a super-forecaster...

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Replying to @Sarah_Crown: Bookshops will be free to physically reopen, if they can do so safely, from June 15th. Hugely important news- for the shop…

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Non essential retailers, from dept stores to independent shops in England, to be allowed to reopen from 15th June, if they are Covid secure, UK pm Boris Johnson announces.

Bookshops will be free to physically reopen, if they can do so safely, from June 15th. Hugely important news- for the shops themselves, but also for every element of our country's literary ecology: authors, publishers, and of course, readers. Please do all you can to support them

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And “Petrol Mower” has been talking to the press in the Pavilion after his match winning century today 😉🏏 #gardencricket @holland_tom

"There's a lot of good lawn mowers around the place now, aren't there, but I think my experience counts for a lot."

Wise words!

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I finish a length article about the state of the world in the wake of COVID-19 that principally features, I'm proud to say, 28 Days Later, The War Of The Worlds, & The Canterbury Tales.

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What quality columnists The Times can boast.

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Quoted @AmandaPCraig

Boris Johnson depends on Dominic Cummings, politically and psychologically.
According to this, Cummings put the Spectator online - and was fired, after Boris left, for re-publishing the notorious cartoon about the Prophet Mohammed.

A very important article.

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Wonderful walk in the hills on both sides of the Deverills today. It included finding a stone circle which is not marked on the maps, walking past a long barrow and seeing wonderful views like this. Feet up now and rest ! #dailywiltshire

My instinct is positively screaming at me to head for Wiltshire.

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Quoted @backandacross

@holland_tom Might even be an interview later 😉🏏


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"I rede that oure Hoost heere shal bigynne,
For he is moost envoluped in synne."

One of the great couplets in English literature...

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It’s amazing there’s a Pardoner Street in Southwark. It’s like having a Fagin Street off Saffron Hill or a Moriarty Street off Baker Street.

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Dipping my toe only occasionally into the swirling eddies of fury as I am, it's pretty much the limit of my understanding as well. Something about driving tests too?

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#Dominion is published at the end of October in the US: a history less of Christianity than of what has made Christianity revolutionary & transformative over the course of its 2000 year existence.

So not a small theme...

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