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#HelloFrom a rainy morning at the Usa Shrine in Oita Prefecture, Japan.

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Making a splash for #WeeklyFluff 🐶💦

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Jimmy Charité, data scientist, on sharing stories from the Black community:

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We’re getting Carnival-ready with singer @PretaGil in Rio de Janeiro. ⭐ Watch our story to see her get ready for her bloco performance. 💃💓

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Love these badass women.

Everything about this is 😍💯🙌

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She used to hate the sound of her own voice, now she plays to sold-out crowds. 🎤⭐️

Learn more about singer-songwriter @angele_vl on our latest episode of #ThreeMinuteAutobiography

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Kere Eke, analyst, on her proudest moments:

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Love Instagram? ✅
Just graduated college (or about to)? ✅

Apply to the Instagram local news fellowship! You’ll get to spend your summer as an Instagram editor in a local newsroom. 

Deadline is 3/6:

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André Llewellyn, brand marketing manager, on sharing Black stories:

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Flipping out for #ThisWeekOnInstagram

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Quoted @JordanWeekender

I’ve used it years but not everyone knows about it. It stops all the negative comments on your Instagram posts. Feel free to tell everyone you know & RT. Gets rid of negative people & trolls.

Love this tip. Here are even more ways to protect against online bullying ❤

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This Black History Month, we’ve partnered with @BET to #ShareBlackStories and support #Advocates doing amazing work on Instagram and beyond. New episodes drop every Tuesday in February.

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“I #ShareBlackStories through my photography, making sure to highlight the Black community as much as I can. Also just through me existing. I am a Black story walking.” —Myles Loftin (@goldenpolaroid)

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Sadia Harper, product researcher, on resilience:

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Take off ☁️🏍☁️ #ThisWeekOnInstagram

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Skip and skate 🛹 #ThisWeekOnInstagram

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#HelloFrom the Ruskeala Express 🚂🏔✨

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We’re hanging out with @NBA point-guard @Dame_Lillard (aka Dame D.O.L.L.A. 🎤) at #NBAAllStar weekend. Check out our story to follow Dame’s adventures.

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This #BlackHistoryMonth, we’re celebrating our community of Black Instagram employees who inspire us with their talents and dedication every day. Portraits by @RUFF_DRAFT. #ShareBlackStories

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