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🎶 Ooooo I wanna skate with @LukeBryanOnline 🎶 Don't miss a new #AmericanIdol this Sunday at 8|7c on ABC.

this show tho 🙃

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You can pre-order @cynthialovely’s collectible vinyl today too! ♥️

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Having some 😞serotonin sads😞 during these winter months? Well this video is a burst of 🌞sunshine🌞! Check out @CynthiaLovely’s new video for “I Can’t Believe” ⚽🍦

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It is PIT-iful that the long weekend made me almost forget about #ShoesdayTuesday! DO-nut be mad at me 😩 @kpcollections

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(NOW THAT I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION!) You’re watching @americanidol, right West Coast? There may be a quiz later. JK no quiz but lots of feels 😩 @ABCNetwork

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@katyperry My crochet group on FB is talking about your sweater you’re wearing on AI. We love it. We’ll all be making one like it.

OMG pls send pix when finished 🤗 #AmericanIdol

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Ok but is "Swing Swing” still stuck in your head after that episode? @therejects #AmericanIdol

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What’d you think of the season 3 premiere of #AmericanIdol? See you again next Sunday, same time, same place @abcnetwork 📺

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. @cojustsam you are safe, you are seen, and we were so happy to hear you sing. Make your grandma proud! 💛 #AmericanIdol

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Which team are you on? #AmericanIdol

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.@katyperry, I have the best place for us to meet when I win. See you soon @Lukes32Bridge #AmericanIdol @AmericanIdol

big lol... better to get ready to cough it up cause when I win I will all of the sudden have an appetite for wagyu and caviar bish 😈

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It ain’t a rose 🌹 but hope the golden ticket was a good consolation prize, @meghanfitton #AmericanIdol

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Does anyone else think Luke and Lionel were wrong about @SaveriaMusic? #AmericanIdol

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.@saveriamusic I STILL THINK THEY WERE WRONG. HOW BOUT THAT! #AmericanIdol

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Honestly, this almost made me quit the show because I thought @lukebryanonline and @lionelrichie had lost their damn minds #AmericanIdol

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Sorry @Lipton luv u 😬 #AmericanIdol

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If you need someone to talk to, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is always there 1-800-273-8255

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Incredible song, @louiskmusic. You are such a talented songwriter and I can’t wait to look back at this clip after you become a ♥️🌟 #AmericanIdol

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Thank you for saving the cursing for after you left the room @alisaermo. But I wear my french fry grease with pride! ✌🏻🍟💋Also, don’t fire Luigi... it’s not his fault! #AmericanIdol

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