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I didn't tweet that much, and when I did, it was probably a retweet to win something or about TV. Now I tweet a lot in order to #savelodge49.

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Lodge 49 soundtrack out this week (listen to Soundcarriers’ cover of Scott Walker’s “The Seventh Seal”) #SaveLodge49 @brooklynvegan

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I'm catching up on #oakisland and every time the narrator says "Rick and Marty" I hear my step kids say "Rick and Morty" 😁 #OakIslandCursers

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"You reach for the stars, and then you watch a dude get piked by a narwhal." #blammo #SaveLodge49 #lodge49forever #lodge49

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Pre-ordered from iTunes today! Can't wait to listen. #Lodge49 #lodge49soundtrack #SaveLodge49 #blammo #renewlodge49

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Finally got caught up on the article. I wish number 5 was still alive. #SaveLodge49 #lodge49forever #blammo

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So I'm catching up on @OakIslandPod today and while they were discussing last week's episode about what might still be on the Western portion of the island, it occurs to me, is there anyone buried on the island? Any actual graves? #OakIslandCursers

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A reminder we are meeting Monday, December 2nd for a membership drive and a push to #SaveLodge49... Please don't use the hashtag until the set time...

Scott Miller
SP (emeritus) @Lodge49

Get your tweet on! Monday 12-2 #SaveLodge49

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Lynx unite again on Monday... #SaveLodge49 👇

Save the Lodge rally call! Monday night get your tweet on. #lodge49 #blammo #SaveLodge49

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“Take a break from shouting across the dinner table to spend some time with this winning, relatable found family.”


TV shows to stream this Thanksgiving-The A.V. Club

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Go pig out on some turkey and #SaveLodge49 because #Lodge49Forever then #blammo from over eating.

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From a former SP and the mother of our late SP, have a Happy Thanksgiving and #SaveLodge49 #Lodge49 #renewlodge49 #Lodge49Forever

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We will not stop. We gild the ancient symbols and lift the Lynx. The Lodge will have a new home.
#SaveLodge49 #LynxforLife #Lodge49Forever #Lodge49
@netflix @hulu @disneyplus @PrimeVideo @hbonow

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Going door to door to thank the Lynx who helped get #Lodge49Forever trending...


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Missed this among the 1000s of tweets tonight. Apparently we hit higher than #28.

Also, that # of tweets is staggering. Our previous best day was November 8th with around 6,500 uses of #SaveLodge49 for the entire day. That 4,151 was in a little under two hours.


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No actual year, but the only July 7th is 2016.

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So a few weeks ago there was discussion of when the show takes place, I'm sure it's been lost in our attempts to #SaveLodge49 but I think I found the answer, 2016. From S1 E5 when Blaise gives his lecture.

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