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Quoted @DarkSoulsGame

Scorned, shunned, manipulated and cursed, they wanted nothing more than to shrug off the burdens imposed by their regal blood.

Listen to the #DarkSouls3 OST: #DarkSouls
ESRB Rating MATURE 17+: Blood and Violence

Man, this boss fight really kept you on your toes, and made you have the fullest extent of your attention on the boss, cause the minute you lost sight of him, you'd be sorry

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Whose theme makes you wanna do this?

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What moment in wrestling made you react like this?

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That one time, which was also the first time, when @QoSBaszler locked in the Twister in UFC. But wait, isn't that the Bromission from @SuperKingofBros? That it is. Love her or hate her, Baszler has tekkers. #ThrowbackThursday #CatchWrestling #SubmissionMagician #tapnapsnap

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Quoted @mizterperalta

Why couldn’t Becky have asked for all the women to get more promo time, backstage segments, and character development? That actually would’ve helped the division much more than banning another word.

Her point was a woman should be able to have the top spot in the company rather than just the top spot in the women’s division. And also, saying it's a women's division match or segment is unnecessary, but sure, blame her for your ignorance.

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Quoted @EdenianDrxgon

Yall stan Becky how!? F'N HOW!?!?!?!?!?

WWE missed her point, and it seems so have you, big surprise.

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So the plan is to take the women's part out of the NXT Women's Championship? Nope, surely this isn't gonna confuse people. Also, that's not what Becky was meaning, she meant you don't need to refer to matches as women's matches anymore.

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I feel like they're doing their best impression of the IIconics "IICONIC" pose, if so, how'd they do @PeytonRoyceWWE and @BillieKayWWE? #ToniStormThursday #TOPGAIJIN @tonistorm_ @BeaPriestley

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so Roddy lost his title and Adam is gonna kick him out of UE.

Adam is gonna replace him with...

What a strange planet Stan Twitter is, with some weird inhabitants.

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Check out the all new @SuperKingofBros & @PeteDunneYxB BROserweights tee only at #WWEShop. #WWE

I dig it tbh, 2 matches together, and they have a shirt now.

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Oh shit, Keith Lee did it, he's the new North American Champion. #WWENXT

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yeah, I think we knew Riddle was gonna say that when he heard joint manipulation, produced a funny chant from the crowd though. #WWENXT

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Big win for the Broserweights, and it looks like it's gonna be them vs Grizzled Young Veterans in the finals. #WWENXT

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Surprised we're not getting that at Takeover, unless it's a setup, but next week, Tegan Nox looks to enact some long awaited revenge on her former best friend. #WWENXT

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Great showing from Blackheart, but message sent from Baszler. #WWENXT

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For those wondering about the new name and @

kilswtch = Killswitch Engage

kimura = Hana Kimura

As Sure As The Sun Will Rise = One of my current favorite KSE songs

Being a fan account and a fan of both, I combined both, and credit goes to @kairishorizon for the idea.

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