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The Toronto Maple Leafs tonight:


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Clutterbuck "felt OK. It's a work in progress. It's one of those things where it takes time. I wish I could be 100 percent. I'll get there." Decision on whether they play tomorrow will come tomorrow.

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Who would be the islanders emergency goalie? #Isles

is it you @WrightsWay?

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Cal Clutterbuck very candid post game when discussing his mindset immediately following Patrice Bergeron's skate cutting him on his left wrist on December 19: "I was afraid I was in a life-threatening situation. That’s all that’s really going through your mind." (1/2) #Isles

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Replying to @NHLNetwork: Thanks for watching "Miracle" along with us on #NHLMovieNight! RETWEET for a chance to take home 🍿🕶️ and an Eruzione signed…

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Alexa, inject these into my veins. #isles

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Ayres has more wins in Toronto than I do smh


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Ayres named 1st star of the game!


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game is over in a minute. when is a lehner trade announced?

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asking for a friend...do the tml realize they are playing an EBUG?

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Carolina thought they were out on Lehner because asking price was too high. Now who knows. Depending on their goalie injury updates, may make calls around the league before the deadline. This is just me, but if I’m Carolina, I would check on Ryan Miller in Anaheim.


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"chris kreider...i think the #isles are right there." - @FriedgeHNIC

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so lehner is going to go to carolina eh?

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A great moment in New York Islanders history. #Tonelli27

very well done by the #isles staff

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the canes just lost two goalies? #isles

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Cal Clutterbuck leading the charge on the penalty kill. Doesn't appear he's lost a step in that department. #Isles

👀 #isles

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Thanks for watching "Miracle" along with us on #NHLMovieNight! RETWEET for a chance to take home 🍿🕶️ and an Eruzione signed puck!!

Rules: . NoPurNec, US/18+, Ends 2/23.

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In case anyone missed it...

bae 🥰🥰💙🧡 #isles

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