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Creative comfort in vibrant downtown Lawrence, KS. Do save room for pie!

Downtown Lawrence Kansas

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Fried chicken Friday...

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Tonight! Fried chicken kicks off at 5, and so does this decked out dinner featuring roast turkey breast on a 1900 Barker croissant.

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Pork Chile Verde & Eggs on special today. Much cheese, many green!

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Holiday pie spotlight: Chocolate Chess. For anyone who nursed their teenage heartbreak the old fashioned way, with one hand rewinding side 1 of a warbly Fleetwood Mac's Rumours cassette and the other in a bowl of brownie batter. Relive it this Thanksgiving!

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Thick thick thick. Loaded potato chowder with cheddar, bacon, sour cream and chives. Served with a hunk of Wheatfields ciabatta for dunking.

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Fried chicken tonight! 3 or 8 piece meals with choice of sides, dine in or carry out from 5 to 9.

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We have a tie over which is the best cracker for chili (Club v Lance Captain’s Wafers, with saltines taking the bronze) so we serve all 3.

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The classic diner double featuring all natural Kansas ground beef smashed flat for your pleasure.

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Local elections have local consequences! Voting and making caramel apple pie are two things we’re sure to be doing tomorrow.

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Excited to feature both @Sarah_Smarsh ‘s Heartland and @duchessgoldblat ‘s namesake pie for your Thanksgiving tables this year! 📚

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Soup and bread for lunch is just the thing today! Hearty corn chowder and a warm hunk of crusty Wheatfields sourdough.

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Huevos Verdes: two corn tortillas with melted cheese, two eggs any style, chile verde stew, guacamole and sour cream.

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Replying to @ravenbookstore: Thank you to the excellent folks at @melvillehouse for writing about our letter to @JeffBezos! We're longtime admirers…

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Thank you to the excellent folks at @melvillehouse for writing about our letter to @JeffBezos! We're longtime admirers of their work, so this has us a bit star-struck.

Still no response from Jeff yet, btw. It's okay, @ladybirddiner still has pie.

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It’s a lovely day for a picnic!

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Quoted @mclark_ljw

Man attended court for Lawrence grease theft case ... then stole more grease, affidavit alleges:

Look ma! This is our dumpster. We’re famous!

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Fried chicken starts at 5...

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