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Watch the water

Houston city-wide under boil water order. Shutting down schools, hospitals and businesses. Helps spread #coronavirus?

And FBI raid Houston Independent School District admin building same day. What a coincidence.

Hot damn! That city needs a deep cleaning! Bad vibe Dirty shithole! So many illegals, crime, drugs, prostitution, just plain disgusting. Hasn’t belt like home in decades

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Say it with me now...

Boxes and Boxes.

Whoooo hoooooo so fbisd next! do ALLLLLLLLLL of them

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Oops ate too much too soon

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After 3 days of tummy yuck mama was HONGRY

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Our journey back to Eden

Yaaaassss that’s what I said!

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Took 2 grocery stores to find what to cook. Yes they have the smae@things but one smelled yucky. I like the non smelly store

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Not sure how I’ll have fish fridays...almost made me puke

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What can I eat to make my tummy not hurt

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Suns out and tummy feels will get a great day

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Welp this tummy bug and cough has forced me to quit smoking and now coffee...and food. Oh well...can’t really complain about that

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What’s going on? I get this sour belly nausea when evil energy surrounds....

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Replying to @JohnGrahamDick1: Court Rules Trump Admin Can Withhold Federal Grants to NYC, Seven States over Sanctuary Policies…

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Court Rules Trump Admin Can Withhold Federal Grants to NYC, Seven States over Sanctuary Policies

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What would someone have to use to summon you?


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Im sick. I should have made chicken soup but I didn’t want to eat it for 3 days with it only being what did I do? I bought different soups for 3 days...I would have liked my soup better for 3 days. I can’t sick and think at the same time

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I can't think of a better #AshWednesday lunch than halászlé, 🇭🇺 Hungarian fish soup. You can probably guess what the red colour is...

I know I’m supposed to fast today...but cold meds on an empty stomach isn’t gonna work for me

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I am nothing if not efficient...rosary DURING mass this isn’t a terrible catholic thing at Alllllllllllll same as leaving after communion...nope


Not really

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Sure would be great if the Coronavirus can wipe out darkness like a creeping death....

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