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Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS). GDC in a past life. Hates coconuts. Likes robots. Requires coffee.

Los Angeles, CA

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Oh nothing. Just looking at pics of myself at work in 2008.

Me: "Why do people keep sending me every Han Solo/Harrison Ford thing they find on the internet? It's so annoying."

Also me:

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New #GameMakersNotebook! Head of @Xbox, Phil Spencer @XboxP3 joins @igTedPrice to discuss the importance of accessibility, Xbox and Project xCloud, monetization, sharing with outside hardware and software developers, and helping gamers with disabilities:

We were so lucky to get @XboxP3 to agree to sit down with us for an episode of Game Makers Notebook⭐️

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I never want to leave Palm Springs. I always thought I was a beach person but maybe I’m a desert person instead? Can I be both?! 🤯

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Bye. I live here now. Good luck with the video games!

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Ready for a girls weekend!

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Just updated my Mac

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@AyaKyogoku I can't wait for this!!! 💘

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Go behind the scenes of the new Animal Crossing with @NintendoAmerica at GDC 2020!

I've already requested (demanded) my old GDC teammates get me into this room even if it's full. I'VE EARNED THIS.

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“What did you do with your time off?”

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But of course!

amplify the voices of 10+ women and keep it goin:

From the Amplifying New Voices program ⭐️

amplify the voices of 10+ women and keep it goin:

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Is your movie about humans going to space, having adventures in space, or coming home from space? Ok I’ll watch it.

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Thanks @Borman18 for already installing a video to honor Untitled Goose Game as the 2020 DICE Game of the Year award winner in our @Official_AIAS exhibit at @museumofplay that honors all previous DICE award winners! @megganpez

Love to see Untitled Goose Game by @house_house_ on display in a museum ⭐️

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I used to be a shoe person. Then I started walking to work in SF & became a sneaker person. Then I started to work from home in LA & became a house shoe person. Send help or more easy to wear slides.

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After sleeping for what felt like 36 hours - only breaking to eat - I’m finally heading home. Thanks to everyone at DICE. Spending a week with our game industry pals is a helpful reminder of just how lucky we all are. 💫

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Ladies who Valentine 💕

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My Valentine this year is @mediamolecule and we're celebrating with a plate of #DreamsPS4 by candlelight.

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@ConnieLBooth @house_house I MEAN @house_house_ UGH SO SORRY (and congrats for real!)

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@ConnieLBooth @house_house And a massive thank you to @TimSweeneyEpic for kicking off #DICE2020 with his opening keynote!

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