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Our top winter driving tips are here!

1️⃣ Be aware of changing speed quickly to avoid skids.

2️⃣ Stopping distance & reaction time increases in bad weather so drive slower.

3️⃣ Leave room between you & the car in front in case of problems.


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On #BlueMonday there's only one thing for it... dogs and 4x4s. 🐶

Thank us later.

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Did you know that the #EclipseCross features Automatic High Beam?

So when you need to concentrate on the road ahead you'll have one less thing to think about as it switches the headlights for you when a vehicle is detected ahead.

Find out more at:

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The season of giving may have ended but we want to combat the January Blues by giving you the chance to win a £50 Gift Card if you've visited us recently!

Just enter at:

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Are you escaping for the weekend? #ASX

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Confused by all the EV, PHEV and Hybrid jargon?

We explain all at:

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Charging the #OutlanderPHEV is as easy as charging your phone. 📱🔋

If you're using a quick charger, it can take as little as 25 minutes to charge your vehicle up to 80%!

More info at:

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Rain may be a familiar sight the the UK but do you know how you should be driving in a downpour? 🌧️ Here are our top tips:

1️⃣ Reduce your speed
2️⃣ Keep headlights on
3️⃣ Demist with air conditioning
4️⃣ Avoid glare with sunglasses

Info at:

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With a 3.5 tonne towing capacity there's no need to leave the boat behind. #L200

More at:

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The #ASX may be our small SUV but it's still built to tackle different conditions with ease. 💪

Find out more at:

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The drive may be tough, but the scenery is stunning in Saudi Arabia for the @dakar. 🔥

@cris_tortu drives the Mitsubishi #EclipseCross.

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Our January SUV event has landed! 🚗

Get an additional £1,000 off any new Mitsubishi SUV in the range, if you order before the end of January 2020.

Find all the details at:

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. #LeadTheTeam is back for the 2020 Guinness Six Nations! Don't miss your chance to lead either @Scotlandteam or @EnglandRugby into one of their home matches 🏉

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ➡️

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ➡️

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With #StormBrendan sweeping in make sure you're up to date with our top driving tips for storms! ⛈️


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Waiting for the snow to hit so we can use 4WD!

If you need any winter driving tips you can find ours at:

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Worried about being stuck in a thunderstorm in a PHEV or EV? ⛈

There's no need to be as they are just as safe as ordinary cars! We look at this, and more at:

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Weekends are made for adventures. #L200

Where will yours take you?

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The #ASX. Our small but family friendly SUV.

More info at:

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Mitsubishi Motors in the UK is a proud sponsor of Documentaries on C4 but occasionally the subject matter can cause upset.

“How to Steal Pigs and Influence People” has the potential to cause distress therefore we will not be associated with it.

Please see our statement below:

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