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Lecturer @SantaClaraUniv. Migration and political ideology through the United Irishmen. Lover of football. Cycler of bikes. Teacher of mini-historians.

Santa Cruz, CA

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The fight doesn't begin or end with Bernie. #NotMeUs

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Quoted @rafaelshimunov

Joe Biden campaign's @SymoneDSanders one and only tweet naming Wisconsin. Ever.

Because today she is siding with the same GOP and Trump, against the Wisconsin Democratic Party and 10 mayors sending people into crowds of COVID virus.


Horrific. Just to get a lame duck like Biden confirmed. Can't the will of the people be attained with mail in ballots? #WisconsinPrimary #WisconsinPandemicVoting #Bernie2020

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Quoted @MsG_NotMeUs


The #Biden1988 presidential campaign ended in 1987 when Joe Biden was outed as a pathological liar & a plagiarist.

In year 2020, why would independentsーthe largest voting blocーelect ANOTHER conman for president? 🤷🏿‍♀️


To my academic colleagues, what will we tell our students? Commit plagiarism, and have rape allegations, and only expect to rise to president of the United States? #BernieSanders #BidenLosesToTrump #BidenDebateBernie

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Watching an amazing teach-in featuring Angela Davis and Naomi Klein, as well as many others. @rising_majority #Majorityrising

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Quoted @staceyabrams

For once, @realdonaldtrump spoke the truth, when he said that if all eligible Americans are able to cast their votes that he and his cronies will lose.

We must make sure that happens.

Nailed it!

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Quoted @democracynow

Tara Reade, a former staffer in Joe Biden's Senate office, says he sexually assaulted her in 1993. "I actually tried to tell this story to some extent in 1993," she says. "But I was too afraid."

If you cared about Dr Christine Blasey Ford’s story, but not Tara Reade’s, maybe you should assess which kind of feminism you subscribe to. #IBelieveTaraReade #TimesUpBiden

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It makes me sad to read things like this now, when it's so obvious to some, and blurred to others.

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And for context, this was a western imperialism history class from 1800 to present. I can try to to teach it without discussing class and racial inequality next time, but it may not be very good.....

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My favorite student eval comment from last quarter: "good teacher, but should keep politics out of the classroom especially as a marxist." Didn't even know I was one. #twitterstorians #CoronaEvals

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Good on the Guardian to continue to be one of the few reputable news sources by publishing this piece All those fighting in the corner for Dr. Ford are all very quiet right now. #IBelieveTaraReade #TaraReade

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Wait, so Dems are already blaming Bernie for losing in 2020 because Biden can't produce enough enthusiasm among his own supporters? Only 24% are excited to vote for him? What world am I living on? Oh right, yeah, the same one as in 2016. #BernieSanders #BernieForPresident

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Seems like this is finally starting to get a little more attention as it warrants. #TimesUpBiden #IBelieveTara

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Quoted @Becca2400

‘Biden is nothing’ but a prelude to a Trump second term. #NeverBiden #TimesUpBiden

Biden is absolutely not the safe choice. You know why people won't vote Blue not matter who? It's because of stuff like this #IBelieveTara #TimesUpBiden

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Quoted @krystalball

WATCH: Our interview with Tara Reade on Joe Biden sexual assault allegations. Warning that it may be upsetting for some. @readealexandra

Let me reiterate: Bernie gets hammered for a week by the media because he may have said a woman couldn't win against Trump. But credible sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden and silence. Keep this on blast until the media listens #IBelieveTara #bluetrump

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Little confused why Bernie gets hammered by the media for a week because he maybe said a woman couldn't beat Trump. But when there are plausible accusations (we've seen videos of him with girls and it doesn't surprise me), they are silent. Funny how that works. #IBelieveTara

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All the money in the world when it comes to bombing brown kids and bailing out banks and airlines; oversight and austerity when it comes to the health of elderly Americans #BernieIsOurFDR #BernieKnew #BernieIsRight

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Quoted @CaelainnH

Ireland has just effectively nationalised its health service in response to the pandemic. Private hospitals are being taken over. Everyone is now promised equal access to treatment, regardless of insurance. A massive change. There should be no going back from this.


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Or maybe we just stop having health insurance linked to employment? #M4A #NotDyingForWallStreet

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