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Dan Pfeiffer, fmr. senior adviser to President Obama, says Democratic presidential candidates need to "reframe the economic question from 'Is the economy working?' to 'Who is it working for?'" in order to defeat President Trump in the general election.

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"If he posts a big win in [Nevada], that will have huge implications for the rest of the cycle," Lily Adams says of Sen. Sanders. "I do think Democrats will rally around him if he is the prohibitive frontrunner for the nomination."

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Fmr. South Carolina Rep. Sanford writes in a NYTimes op-ed that Pres. Trump is "driving the country to financial ruin" and the GOP is "letting it happen."

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White House chief of staff Mulvaney was caught on tape privately acknowledging what the Trump admin. seems desperate to deny: "We need more immigrants"

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Pigeons with ‘Make American Great Again’ hats glued to their heads released in Las Vegas this week in protest of Nevada's upcoming Democratic presidential caucus.

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"Every time they try to change the subject and try to focus on things like healthcare, infrastructure, jobs, the economy or trade, Pres. Trump has this way of pulling them back ... [and] once again they're on the topic of Trump," Sheryl Gay Stolberg says.

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has announced her first set of congressional endorsements for the upcoming 2020 election through a new political action cmte. that seeks to elect progressives to the US House and Senate.

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.@JoyAnnReid: "The Republican National Committee has been mailing out documents across the country that are labeled '2020 Congressional District Census.' They come in envelopes labeled 'Do not destroy. Official document.'"

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Fmr. CIA Director Brennan says Pres. Trump's Intel shake-up is a "virtual decapitation of the Intelligence community."

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Sen. Sanders blasts Vladimir Putin as The Washington Post breaks news that Russia is trying to help his campaign while President Trump blasts news that Moscow's trying to get him re-elected as a 'hoax.'

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In effort to avoid an Iowa-like debacle, Nevada Democrats have hired a call center with 200 paid operators and dedicated reporting lines to help intake results from caucus sites around the state this weekend.

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.@maddow notes it's no longer accurate to frame Pres. Trump's corruption as potential as he is openly abusing his power to make it clear that the U.S. government will be used to punish people who oppose him and help those who demonstrate fealty.

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Sen. Warren tells @Lawrence about the surprising conversation she had with Mike Bloomberg during a commercial break.

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WATCH: Filmmaker Blake Zeff discusses how Mike Bloomberg pressured the New York political system to override the will of the voters to help him get a third term as mayor, and how he reacted to journalists questioning him.

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Mike Bloomberg’s campaign says Friday that he will release 3 women from nondisclosure agreements.

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Actor Dick Van Dyke's video endorsement of Sen. Sanders for president lit up social media as the 94-year-old tried to persuade people of his generation to vote for the candidate known for his younger supporters.

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"When did Trump learn that Russia was seeking to help Sanders?" Rep. Swalwell asks. "If he's taking information from the intelligence community and then feeding it back ... because he has the same aligned interest as the Russians, that's a real problem."

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"[Pres. Trump] is trying to destroy many of the institutions that contribute to our national security," Joyce Vance says. "There's no more speaking truth to power...just Trump instating he hear a narrative that suits him. That's dangerous for our country."

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"Why would Vladimir Putin want anyone smarter than Donald Trump to be president of the US?" @Lawrence asks. "Why would Putin want an American president who doesn't believe every word that Putin says the way Donald Trump does?"

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