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We provide #localgov services across #NorthYorkshire, England's largest rural county. We reply during office hours Monday to Friday.

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Find out about the hidden narratives of Great #NorthYorkshire's Sons and Daughters in our new #MadeInNorthYorkshire campaign launching on Thursday.

If you know someone from the past who made a difference, get in touch.

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Looking for a healthy lunch? Have a look at the business registered with our healthier choices scheme. ⬇️

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Our record office has archives from the 12th century to the present day. Perfect for anyone with an interest in the #history of #NorthYorkshire.

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Need to hire a room? Have a look at the conference and meeting rooms available at our #libraries. ⬇️

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Our supermobile #library will visit #Eggborough and #KirkSmeaton today. It stocks over 3,000 items including books, audiobooks and DVD's. 📚💿

Find details here ⬇️

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Copies of #NorthYorkshire birth, death, marriage or civil partnership certificates can be ordered on our website.


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Today is #market day in #Bedale, #Hawes, #Richmond, #Scarborough and #Whitby. Why not #shoplocal and pop along?

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Check the eligability criteria and apply for a blue badge on our website 24 hours a day. #DoItOnline


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Our #libraries are closed for the day but you can still access service out of hours on our website. Browse, reserve and renew items here ⬇️

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Did you know our #NorthYorkshire Record Office has an online shop? Own a piece of North Yorkshire's history with our range of historic maps, photographs and publications.

Have a browse here ⬇️

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We know that people in #NorthYorkshire are the #SaltoftheEarth, that’s why we’re celebrating acts of #kindness in our #communities.

If you know someone who's Salt Of The Earth we would love to hear about them. Email

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Sign up to email alerts to keep up to date with #roadworks planned in your area. It's easy to sign up online ⬇️

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There are more than 1,600 bridges in #NorthYorkshire. Find out how we maintain these and report issues on our website ⬇

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With so much rain recently, drains and gullies on the road may look flooded as it's taking longer for the water to drain away. But if you think there's a long term issue though you can report it to us quickly and easily on our website.


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Congratulations if you are planning your wedding or civil partnership. Don't forget by law you need to give notice to a registration office in the area where you live. Book an appointment quickly and easily on our website.


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Could you be entitled to a disabled bus pass? Check the criteria and apply for a bus pass quickly and easily online. #DoItOnline


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Could you cut down on the amount of single use plastic you use? Our #plastic #recycling page has information and tips. ♻️


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#NorthYorkshire has established itself as #thehomeofcycling. We have routes right across our county. Find details on our website. 🚴🚴 ⬇️

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More than 2,500 residents have registered to use a commercial or commercial-like vehicle at our household waste recycling centres. It's free to register but without it you will be unable to dispose of waste without being charged.


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