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@NaturesEverglow @Lodge49 Join the fight this Friday to help #SaveLodge49 Details here:

THIRD TRENDS THE CHARM! Next Friday, December 13th 2019, we let the masses hear the ROAR OF THE LYNX once more!!!

Details via @BrawnBurgundy's tweet. There will be giveaway prizes (WITH CAST involvement) to liven up the Lodge. Cool poster to come via @darth_jeffR #SaveLodge49

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Quoted @BrawnBurgundy

Need a little more joy in your life? You should check out the Lodge 49 soundtrack. #ListenToThis #music #konmari #SaveLodge49

15 TRACKS AIN'T ENOUGH. WE CAN'T STOP TILL @thomasdynamic drops one volume for every season of the show. I'm talking about four volumes, people. #SaveLodge49

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Quoted @realchriswilson

"If #Lodge49 has not earned the right to at least finish its story...then what the hell is TV even for?”

This is A+ stuff.

If the future of TV is just variations on ADD momentarily stimulating monolithic morality, sex, scandal and violence, I don't want to be part of it.

Keep variety alive. Reward nuance, story, rich characterization and emotional involvement. Reward VISION. #SaveLodge49

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You guys remember this sick scene from @jokermovie? #SaveLodge49

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Quoted @FrezzatoJ

James was only cool as old, addled James in Season 3. And even then, #SaveLodge49!

When @DAVID_LYNCH had him play "Just You" at the Bang Bang. #JamesShouldHaveLeftOnHisBikeAndStayedGone

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Quoted @jimatdeltaco

ATTN LYNX: the official LODGE 49 soundtrack is coming from @LakeshoreRecs!! Featuring ace composer @Andrew_Carroll, plus exclusive tracks by @soundcarriers, @theLILYS, @EricAllanKramer & @kusysane, & other golden rarities unearthed by @thomasdynamic. Digital presale tomorrow!

The orbits are already in your bitcoin wallet. Now if only we could achieve maximum magnum opus by getting those last two seasons. 🤔 #SaveLodge49

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Quoted @BrawnBurgundy

I can’t help but believe season 3 & 4 of Lodge 49 are going to happen. There’s something so powerful about the positive momentum this show has created. I can’t explain why I feel this way, especially when so much evidence says otherwise, but I also can’t shake it. #SaveLodge49

BELIEVE TO ACHIEVE #SaveLodge49 #ZugZwangMindset

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Thank you for keeping the spirit of the Lynx alive. Alchemy by @thepod49 and power electronics thanks to @noisextraaa #SaveLodge49 #numbyourmind

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Quoted @sarahbridgins

Miracle Jones wrote a brilliant and beautiful essay about @Lodge49 & you should all read it. "We say we want shows like this but maybe we don’t deserve them yet." #SaveLodge49 CC @jimatdeltaco @DPasquesi @LindaEmondNYC @EricAllanKramer @sonya_cassidy

Did Lil Ugly Mane write this? Holy shit. #SaveLodge49

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Replying to @yaysusan: @kvanaren @chaneyj @angelicabastien @mattzollerseitz “...the lodge in Lodge 49 was like a VFW hall, except the war was capita…

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@kvanaren @chaneyj @angelicabastien @mattzollerseitz “...the lodge in Lodge 49 was like a VFW hall, except the war was capitalism and everyone of us was a veteran.” EXQUISITE. Thank you 🥟🍺🍩 #joinlodge49

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A big pile of virtual 🍩 to you all. Thank you to every Lynx that helped in the effort to get others to #JoinLodge49

This entire thing has been an exercise in creativity, individual initiative, organization, teamwork and the all encompassing purity of love for @Lodge49

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Quoted @brainstem474

#JoinLodge49 and I won't tell anyone what happened behind the garage that time.


This GTA III mission is looking wild #JoinLodge49

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Quoted @BrawnBurgundy

But accountability is just as woven into the fabric of Lodge 49 as empathy—without ever being didactic, the show has looked out at the havoc wreaked by giant corporations and the indifferent, inscrutable market. #JoinLodge49 #tv #television

"HAVOC WRECKED BY GIANT CORPORATIONS" #JoinLodge49 and listen to #Terrorizer ⚔️☠️⚔️

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#JoinLodge49 is where I get together with my 26 year old son, and we laugh, and hope, wonder and think. Please.... #SaveLodge49

🥰🥰🥰 I too connect with my parents through this show. Universal theme and vibes! #JoinLodge49

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Make @AMC_TV regret the premature cancellation and #JoinLodge49

We may have been prematurely canceled, but we'll fight like hell to make sure we're post maturely "L Marvin Metz Decade OLD NUTT"!!! 😂😂😂 #JoinLodge49 #SaveLodge49 #Lodge49Forever

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#JoinLodge49 What state do you live in, fellow Lynx? I'm currently representin' Kentucky! (Hoosier born and bred though) 😘

Portland, Oregon! But I'm a life long Californian! I miss the California hardcore scene and In N Out! What is this Burgerville nonsense?!?!? #JoinLodge49

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Quoted @sonya_cassidy

@HatcherVal @Lodge49 @bertiladamas Quite right Val. I'd like it to be known Wyatt did this in ONE take. His mark was a handful of flying hummus and he hit it perfectly. I almost died with laughter. Proud #Dudley.

When are we going to get a @telltalegames series for @Lodge49 ? We could have all kinds of great QTEs like Dud dodging hummus and Paul Giamatti running through glass windows. #JoinLodge49

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Quoted @MattCarterMedia

Want there to be more #Lodge49 in the future? Share your support in the #CarterMattAwards - Bring It Back category

Vote for @Lodge49 in this poll and let's show them how the motherfucking Lynx roll!!! #JoinLodge49

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Quoted @claudiatsanders

Definitely NOT Dudley & Son... #JoinLodge49

Boie looks like that creepy standee in Three Men and A Baby that people have thought was a ghost for years. Down with Pool Party, Long Live Dudley And Son Pool Supply!!! #JoinLodge49

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