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Asian-Americans join in support of protests after George Floyd’s death

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China-enacted national security law must be consistent with Hong Kong legal principles

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How AI, virtual reality and augmented reality will improve social services: the future of health care in the 5G era

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Hong Kong’s national security law must follow common law, former chief justice says

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Record 401,900 Hongkongers sign up to vote following opposition campaign to win seats in September’s Legislative Council election

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Donald Trump calls governors ‘weak’, urging crackdown on George Floyd protests

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New book – not a Harry Potter – from J.K. Rowling: kids invited to help illustrate The Ickabog, which is being released free online, chapter by chapter

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UFC: Jon Jones says he is relinquishing the light heavyweight title after Dana White comments – ‘Bones out’

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This woman in China put her body on the line to save some children from serious injury

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Washington hailed Hongkongers as heroes for taking to the streets, while protesters at home were labelled rioters, Beijing says

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A spike in harassment of Asian-Americans has led community activists in the US to fight back — forming street patrols, rallying on social media, and supporting each other online

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Google helps place ads on sites amplifying coronavirus conspiracies

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Will US opt for ‘nuclear option’ and cut China from dollar payment system?

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China is launching a mission to Mars this summer. So is the US

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As coronavirus shuts Germany’s brothels, no one seems to care about plight of sex workers

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The global downturn is bottoming out and optimists are right on the money

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Hong Kong security law: China weighs risk US will go for ‘nuclear option’ and cut Beijing from the dollar payment system

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China is launching a mission to Mars this summer. So is the US

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Coronavirus: Hong Kong records four new preliminary positive cases, after earlier confirming three locally transmitted Covid-19 infections

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