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With Biden's plan, supply chains become a matter of national security and an issue in the November election.

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The publication of standards is meant to allow ship schedules to be shared automatically with partners who subscribe to a particular carrier's information.

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The integration of ELD data is the latest in a series of steps Convoy has taken since last fall to create increasingly automated experiences for shippers and carriers in its network.

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Biden releases plan to strengthen domestic supply chains

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Standards for sharing vessel schedules published by DCSA.

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.@convoyteam, @KeepTruckinInc partner on freight visibility API

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Intel's automated inventory planning: How it swapped 'rule-of-thumb' for algorithms

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Armed with data analytics, automation and machine-learning tools, companies that endure the recession will try to ensure they can defend against future disruption.

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Microchips embedded in #RFID tags can track and authenticate vaccines, test kits, medical equipment and #PPE from #manufacturing to clinic sites.

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KCS CEO Pat Ottensmeyer said the second quarter had been challenging. "But we do see signs of life in a number of key areas in our business portfolio."

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Opinion: Having a resilience strategy will make a huge, possibly decisive, difference when it comes to weathering a major disruption or hoping to survive one.

#supplychain #risk #resilience #disruption

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The new data priorities of 2020

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3 applications for #RFID in the fight against #COVID19

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Stop & Shop is hoping to support growth in #ecommerce and add capacity for pickup and delivery as more people choose to shop both in-store and online during the #coronavirus pandemic.

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Rail volumes make 'slow recovery' but Kansas City Southern keeps capacity tight.

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Opinion: Resilience plans starts with mapping — but don't wait for disruption to test them

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Stop & Shop expands #ecommerce operations as demand climbs.

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The air cargo industry is left with as much uncertainty as everyone else.

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"There are no end-to-end solutions without customs clearance," Vincent Clerc, CEO of ocean and logistics at A.P. Moller - Maersk, said as the company announced its latest acquisition.

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Is Amazon a supply chain company? Is a storage facility a warehouse, or a DC?

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