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Alabama girl making movies. I listen to a LOT of heavy metal.

Atlanta, GA

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Congratulations to @mPinoe, the 2019 Sports Illustrated #Sportsperson of the Year


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what’s something you can say during sex but also when you manage a brand twitter account?

This thread is everything

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Did Wisconsin go home at halftime to beat traffic? #BigTenChampionship

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The womens 200 free will have 20 Olympic medals and 60 World Championship medals represented in the A and B final #ToyotaUSOpen


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If you know you know @_king_lil @USASwimming

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Combined 20+ years in the league right there @ATLHawks

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Hamels to the Braves. Today is a BIG DAY.

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Look @brooklynfritzy’s emulating Burgess Meredith is getting a little out of hand, we’re getting concerned @dpshow @HiMyNameIsSeton @PaulPabst @andrewperloff

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The results of the #PayUpHollywood survey are here.

Thank you to the more than 1500 support staff members who participated. Among the data we collected:

67.58% of respondents reported having to work a second job to make ends meet. (1/?)


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Replying to @HeavensFX: had to sync it up the New Edition dance
#MINvsSEA #Seahawks

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had to sync it up the New Edition dance
#MINvsSEA #Seahawks

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All I want for Christmas is for someone to #SaveLodge49 @Lodge49

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Crimson tide,

Missed kicks happen. It's part of the game, part of sports. It's part of being human. Poor kid. Anyone wishing ill will on him is a big ol' douche canoe.

Roll Tide always and forever.

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The Hedges remain undefeated

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Replying to @Wes_nship: Nick Saban sums up how we all feel about #SECRefs. #RollTide

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Nick Saban sums up how we all feel about #SECRefs. #RollTide

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hey, roll tide! #IronBowl

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UAB’s coach looks like the villainous coach from a 90s hockey movie

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Auburn alum Daren Bates playing radio call of 2013's Kick Six while Alabama alum Derrick Henry is being interviewed

Rivalry Week doesn’t sleep in the Titans' locker room 💀

(via @jwyattsports)

SAVAGE #IronBowl

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I've reached that point in life where I turn down the radio to see better.

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